Chloe Rainbow top Charlotte Groeneveld

There are a thousand reasons to wear this Chloe Rainbow top, and yet I’m not wearing it enough. Why? I couldn’t give you any good reason why I’m not LIVING in it… Gosh, I don’t know… Maybe because it’s too pretty to wear? Do you know that feeling? When you have something so beautiful, you rather look at it every morning in your wardrobe, than putting it on… Such a shame, I know, but it happens too often! Maybe I should focus less on the many reasons  why I should be wearing it all the time, and start wearing it…

But, before I do that, let’s lay it out, right in front of me, so that there’s no reason left for me to leave it being just pretty in my wardrobe. For one, it makes every day, no matter what day it is, just a little better. The rainbow-colors bring some sort of bright aura, which makes everyone smile at me, which makes me smile back! Day = made. Then of course there’s the “wear more color” reason, in which case there couldn’t be a better top to wear. I mean, there’s a rainbow present! Or simply, I wear it because I need something airy, as it’s SO warm outside. Fact.

I think for me personally, all three reasons apply – apart from the fact that, as you know, I’m obsessed with anything Chloe… So this Chloe Rainbow top has been hanging there, in my wardrobe, creating auras, shining bright, making every start of the day better, but HAS NOT BEEN WORN ENOUGH. Thus, with the start of the weekend near, here’s to my beautiful Chloe Rainbow top!

Chloe Rainbow top

Chloe Rainbow top The Fashion Guitar

Chloe Rainbow top

Chloe Faye bag

Chloe Rainbow top Charlotte Groeneveld

Chloe Rainbow top

Chloe Rainbow top

Chloe Rainbow top Charlotte Groeneveld

Chloe Rainbow top

Chloe top | Chloe sunglasses | Zara skirt | Chloe bag | Chloe sandals.

Photos were made by Thomas while we were in the South of France for a wedding!



  • Natali

    Yes! This is such a gorgeous feminine and summery perfection of a top/ blouse that you should def. wear the “heck” out of it. :D
    On the other hand, I do understand you and I also have quite a few of these kind of pieces in my closet which I don’t want to wear as often as I could because they’re too pretty, too delicate and also too expensive so I feel so “responsible” in keeping them as impeccable as possible. :D
    Silly us women… :D

  • fashion altitude

    I know the feeling..I own a couple of Chloé pieces that I bought from a press sale in Paris. They are wow beautiful and wow priced so I tend to admire them in my wardrobe… But honestly, your rainbow top is a gem, so go girl , flaunt it !!!
    Love your boho vibe Charlotte!!
    xoxo Mireille

  • Gorgeous top Charlotte! It’s an exceptional piece!

  • beautiful!


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  • Definitely know the feeling! I have a couple of beautiful vintage dresses in my closet which I adore but have never worn. Think I am too scared of ruining the delicate fabric!

  • This top is a stunner and you look so fun and happy in it x

  • I think I would live & die in this top!!!! You look gorgeous in it. I know the feeling about “keeping something for best” I do that sometimes with my Chanel shoes, but now I think, well they have to be worn & I can re-heel/sole them, so let’s go for it!!!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • That’s such a beautiful top! X

  • Sennett

    Ik kan me heel goed voorstellen dat je het topje niet aan zou doen omdat het zo mooi is. Heb ik namelijk ook “last” van ;-). Dan ben ik bang dat het vies word. Hij staat je prachtig, des de meer reden om het vaker aan te doen. Mooie foto’s!

  • Yolanda

    Schitterende outfit!

  • Pardon My Obsession

    It’s such a gorgeous top, but I completely see what you mean ! Sometimes you’d rather look at it all day, and not ‘waste it’…

    The whole look is divine !


      I knew I was touching upon a topic we can all relate to! It’s such as shame, but I guess that’s how we are build. Just need to keep in mind clothes are to be worn ;) Xx

  • Marylane

    Perfect top for long pants too or even shorts. Very nice combination.



      It’s perfect with a pair of flares too, for sure. But when it’s hot as it is right now, nothing better than shorts or skirts, in denim of course! Xx

      • Marylane

        I agree. ^_^ I also suggest to have a bun hair style. So that the top will stand out while your beauty stand out as well ;)


  • Firstly – goals to be an everyday Chloe girl!

    I love this top on you and I see why you love it so much – just looking at these photos made me smile! I love that piece of clothing that makes you shine bit brighter and just puts you in a good mood but just like you I’m guilty of not wearing those pieces of clothing that I own enough! You look fabulous – you really should wear this top more often!



      So fresh to know we all deal with these kind of issues. And yes, being an everyday Chloe girl from time to time is good… :) Xx

  • amazing top!

    The White Ocean

  • I think the rainbow colours look gorgeous on you :) Such a Chloe girl :D


  • Crack the Code Style

    This top is one of my favorite from Chloe S/S 2016. Looks great with jeans skirt. Awesome combination. Well done.