Chanel Cruise Cuba Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar

With loving the Chanel Cruise Cuba collection, two little problems arise. First one is “How to wear the Cuba Cruise collection in winter”? The solution is easy though, just replace a few of the thinner pieces – like the beautiful silk shirt that came with the look – for a simple cotton turtleneck, add some “invisible” layers underneath, and you are ready to go. Truly, this look worked fine on a “relatively” warm winter day, as I managed to not freeze anywhere, but my nose. But there’s another problem…

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Charlotte Groeneveld The fashion guitar in Valentino AW16

What a dream to walk into the fitting of a Valentino show, and walk out of it in a beyond beautiful Valentino AW16 dress. I think I will never get used to that feeling. And I never want to. It’s a dream coming true over and over. A little stress I had before the show though, because as you can see, the dress is pretty much completely see through. Not a problem really, apart from the fact you need the perfect underwear to wear under it. I found a great body, but not “perfect”. I was not 100% happy with how the top part looks as you can see it pretty clear under the dress – and when you see the runway photos, you see there’s nothing really visible worn underneath… But as much as I would have rather had it that way, there won’t be any freeing of the nipples from my end! Not this season at least…

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Tibi Admiral cropped peacoat Roger Vivier Micro Viv bag Charlotte Groeneveld The fashion guitar

Thomas would totally crack up if he would know how this jacket is called. He would say the jacket is called after me, and found his rightful owner once it came of the runway. I would laugh about it, and people who know me well would know what he means…

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Balenciaga FW16 boots The fashion guitar

It’s funny, I’m traveling a lot, to so many different cities and countries, but never really as a tourist. Mostly because I’m there for work, so whenever I’m in New York or Toronto, the two cities I like to call home, I tourist my way around. Just for that feeling of exploring. Though I’ve never taken one of those city bikes, which is interesting being from The Netherlands, and biked my whole life, but I blame the fact that I always feel kind of “in danger” biking in these cities, and of course the heels… So “touristing around” mostly goes like me in my Converse, these 90s inspired Balenciaga FW16 jeans, and whatever the weather allows, on top.

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JW Anderson Pierce bag The Fashion Guitar

The Post-Fashion Month workload is always extremely overwhelming… A gazillion outfits to share, a huge bulk of social media updates to be done, and planning our Fall/Winter “editorial calendar” and collaborations. I love it, don’t get me wrong, I do, but it’s time to expand the team to make sure my time is not pulled too much towards the logistical side of the business, but remains where my true passion is: Creating content.

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