Charlotte Groeneveld from Thefashionguitar wearing Chanel Ready-to-wear Fall-winter 2017/18 Pre-Collection

It’s always the same thing with Chanel Ready-to-wear pieces; when I see them on the model I LOVE them, when I see them on the hanger I’m not sure if I can pull it off, but as soon as I put it on… It feels like it was made for me. I know, sounds so dramatic, but it’s true. The fit is always perfect, and I’m literally never not liking the fabrics, colors or patterns. Of course, not ALL pieces from every collection are my thing. I’m not the person to obsess over a label, just because of the label. It’s truly the quality I can appreciate, but moreover, as classic and vintage Chanel might sounds, it ALWAYS works with a pair of jeans. What else could a girl wish for…

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Charlotte Groeneveld styling Bonpoint Fall 2017 for Thefashionguitar

And so the story begins… Summer 2016, in Toronto, getting accustomed to our new “temporary” home-town, but longing back to our New York days. An email reaches me, from the one brand – I always told myself – I would want to work with, with James and Stella: Bonpoint. A little dream that came true, one that I never really talked about with anyone, because I prefer to stay away from the term mommy-blogger, which for many automatically occurs when you work with your kids. Nothing negative about it, though, but it’s just not where my ambitions lie. Nor do I want to expose my kids to the industry too much, yet. But here we are, three seasons down the road, three shows further, of which James and Stella walked one, and I feel much more comfortable with them being involved “in my work” once in a while. It’s more the negativity in general, around sharing your kids on social media, that worried me in the past, I think. I now know, that it all comes down to the way you do this. To me, the most important thing in doing this; it has to stay far away from being “commercial” looking, I try to keep it highly tasteful, and as I like to think “real” and artistic in the way I capture them and share this. Hence, 3 campaign shoots – in winter and summer – later, in urban vibes or countryside, from New York, to Paris, and Toronto; it’s time for Bonpoint Fall 2017! It’s time to get ready for the next show…

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ERDEM x H&M by Charlotte Groeneveld for Thefashionguitar

While I’m struggling to decide which bikini to wear today, the weather in New York is everything but warm. Humid mornings made way for those perfect crisp Fall ones – which are my favorite by the way – and with that, my wardrobe is slowly transitioning in preparation for Winter. I think Fall in New York is my favorite time of year when it comes to the way I dress; it’s still pleasant enough to go out without a coat – as long as you wear a good knit – yet, a good game of layering has to be in place to not catch a horrible cold along the way… And so I came to this look, which is part of my collaboration with the ERDEM x H&M collection (shop it all here), that is FINALLY launching today!

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Bonpoint Fall 2017 by Charlotte Groeneveld for Thefashionguitar

With the amount of traveling I’ve been doing lately, there’s nothing I love more than spending time at home, with James, Stella, and Thomas. Life is busy enough as it is, so there’s really no point in making it more busy, right? Yet, I owe it to my kids, my husband, and my friends to not completely turn my back to the world when I’m back home, mastering the art of cocooning…

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Chanel Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Pre-Collection with Charlotte Groeneveld from Thefashionguitar

This is not your average school-run-look, not even an average look in general; whenever I get to wear Chanel, I feel so not-average. It’s extremely special to wear these pieces, over and over again. And I don’t even mind that at the end of the day, these beautiful pieces have to return to the press office, because – at the end of the day, too – I’m here to inspire you, not to grow your desires, and leave you with the feeling of jealousy, over a pair of boots.

Last week I received a comment from one of my Instagram followers on a photo in which I was wearing the Chanel Fall/Winter 2017-2018 pre-collection boots in wine red: “Another pair of Chanel boots!”. I get that, because it’s not the first time you’ve seen me sporting a pair of these extravagant Mademoiselle booties. But truth is – and you must know by now – I work closely with beautiful brands like Chanel, and my job is – like that of a stylist for a magazine – to show you how to wear the runway in real life, or which trends to take-away from the new season. So, in fact, these booties, nor the dress, are not in my possession anymore… Yet, my love for them is still pretty real, and will never die. So sit back and relax, because there’s a whole bunch of inspiring looks coming your way!

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