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It’s Valentino Sunday, and I couldn’t be more excited! Always as one of the highlights of my Paris Fashion Week, the Valentino show – and of course my look to the show, which is not the one shown above – promises to be amazing. I say… Apple green… does that make you excited yet? Well, make sure to tune in to watch the show, the people, and everything else that comes with this fairytale. See you there!

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Charlotte Groeneveld from Thefashionguitar wearing Chanel Coco Crush Jewelry in Paris

Once upon a Fashion Week, a young woman spent the day with the loveliest Chanel US team; they went to see the Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2017 show, they had brunch in one of those cute little French restaurants only a local would know about, and shopped the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen… Finishing the day with getting ready for the launch party of the newest Chanel fragrance… Go in and scroll down to see the whole story!

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Details from the Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2017 via Vogue Runway

Can we please talk for a little bit about the insane details of the Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2017 show? I mean, the collection was as always beautiful, but the eye makeup made me really drool. The eye as a pallet of color, as if a Monet splashed onto their faces and of they went… Or birds of paradise that swapped their natural habitat for the Parisian gardens around the Eiffel Tower. Because that too, the fact that Karl brought the Eiffel Tower to the Grand Palais, was just beyond. Not that I expected anything else of course after the rocket that was launched during the last RTW show. Karl knows how to leave us all stunned.

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Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar attends the Valentino Haute Couture show in Paris

Before I jump back into the show reviews and that post that BIG shoot I did during the most recent Paris Haute Couture week, I wanted to share all my looks from that week with you. I’ve never done a “Fashion Week outfit recap” before, because I prefer to give every single look I wear during Fashion Week the attention it deserves: by dedicating one full blog post around it. However, it happened to not work out the way I envisioned it… And basically what happened is that over the past YEAR – argh shame on me – I’ve created a huge folder on my computer with way too many looks, from way too many different Fashion Weeks, that are still “waiting to get posted”. Now is having a lot of content as a back-up not really a problem you would think, yet the problem is though, the content – meaning the looks – are not all completely relevant anymore… Some are too trend sensitive, some are too wintery – and we’re in summer now – and some are basically too special to get posted on a regular Monday, so to speak. Sh*t, so what am I going to do with all those beautiful images I have still left??? On the other hand, it is my job to create relevant content for you, no matter what time of the year, what looks, or what topic. So I see it as a fun challenge – which I love to take on – to MAKE IT WORK anyway! For now, something you will find more often in the future: A recap of my Fashion Week looks!

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Bonpoint Spring-Summer 2018 Thefashionguitar Charlotte Groeneveld

So many emotions and so proud looking back at the images from the Bonpoint Spring-Summer 2018 show in Paris last week. But let me start with a little note to those out there who still like to judge the fact I let my kids walk a fashion show: Your comments are not needed. James and Stella walked the show out of free will. Nobody ever forced then, in fact it came from the fact they asked to walk the show after they saw the one from last year. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with offering your kids a wide spectrum of experiences. Remember you did your ballet performance when you were little? Well it’s a bit like that. Of course, I’m not going to deny there are parents out there who do force their kids to perform, on whatever level or subject, but trust me on this one: We do not, and James and Stella loved being part of The Bonpoint Spring-Summer 2018 show!

Having that said, I’m so excited to share all these beautiful images with you! Jamie, one of my super talented friends from The Netherlands came in for the day to document everything from start to finish. Usually it was me doing all of that, with Thomas being the super dad as he is, making sure the kids would behave when on the front row. But with James and Stella walking the actual show this season, I couldn’t risk missing anything while taking photos of other little sweethearts, so she there she was: Jamie as the best backstage photographer I could have wished for. Shooting those little moments of my kids, just as I would have done. Nothing posed, only real moments.

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