Detox green smoothie bowl Thefashionguitar Charlotte Groeneveld

I’ve not only been detoxing emotionally after the past Holiday weekend, but also quite literally, food-wise. But since I can’t live on smoothies only, I figured it was time to try out The Smoothie Bowl. I made one once before, wasn’t a big success. However that was before I really knew how to make it. Research is – as with everything – one of the keys to success, so I surfed the internet trying to find out what “the real Smoothie Bowl essentials” were, and smiled with my biggest smile at Thomas so that he would go out in the cold to buy those “essentials”. Ten minutes after he came back, this green, über healthy, and tasty Smoothie Bowl was standing in front of me. I don’t know how I did it so fast, but it was there, waiting for me to be eaten, and “detox” from all the French cheese, red wine, and roasts I ate over the weekend…

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Sandro Holiday Style Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar

Please don’t be distracted by my lovely red nose – it’s officially freezing outside – nor my hair that “flying” everywhere but where I want it to be. It’s one of those days… Too cold for life, too cold to dress up, and with only one solution suitable: oversized hoodies and sweats all day. But with my love for the “Parisian effortless chic” – which always makes me end up at Sandro again – I’ve decided that the cold weather is not going to be my fashion-advisor this winter. I rather take advice from those women who know how to look sophisticated at all times: The French women. Needless to say, I will have to keep in mind that temperatures between Paris and Toronto/New York are almost the opposite of each other, so that my outfits have to be weather appropriate – and that nobody wants to see me in my sweats on New Year’s Eve…

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Movado watches Thefashionguitar Charlotte Groeneveld

One of this year’s returning topics was my search for “The Perfect Watch”. A watch that truly suits me, my style, and the way I intend to wear it – which is not necessarily as a time-piece, but more as a piece of jewelry. And during this so-called search, I’ve been 100% open-minded, I literally tried any kind of style you can think of: two watches with a double strap, watches that were gold-plated, or rose-gold, some were highly innovative, and even – something I never thought I would wear – one was extremely modern in its design, and I ended up loving it, BIG TIME! But no matter how much I liked any of them, all for their own reasons, I have not been entirely satisfied with one of them in particular… So with one month left, I continue my search for the perfect watch of 2016…

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Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar for KitchenAid USA

Last September, I took a little side-project… All dressed up in my favorite Dolce-summer-look I shared one of my favorite smoothie recipes with you. Now I know these kids of side-projects are known to be either a huge success, or a little off. Luckily you guys LOVED the first one, so a second got on the calendar. And it’s here! Bringing a little summer into our kitchens, and much tropical-vibes to our hearts…

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Courrèges skirt worn by Charlotte Groeneveld The fashion guitar

This year I’m taking “Dressing for the Holidays” to a next level, and I’m sure Santa would be really proud of me when he sees me in his favorite colors. Funny thing though is that I’ve never really been the kind of girl who goes all the way that time of year, maybe because I didn’t find a good compromise between all that glitter and my love for the simple. Yet, with an obsession for – sometimes – sparkly statement shoes and bags, I could potentially been very good at it. Well, long story short, I just did a half-good effort last year, and this year I will do it all the way…

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