Ganni SS17 The fashion guitar

Of course, Copenhagen’s finest would not be complete without Ganni! And this season, Ganni’s girls became “Space Cowboys”. Yet AGAIN they made their Runway t-shirt instantly one of the most coveted pieces online. Our wardrobes won’t be complete without it next season, they made that very sure. And this is what makes it even more clear how strong the brand’s position is right now. EVERY girl wants to be a Ganni-girl, and fortunately, this is even more possible now their collection is available on one of my favorite online stores.

Another old love, the one that never dies. One of the brands that introduced me to Copenhagen, Copenhagen Fashion Week, and Scandinavian fashion. Ever since my wardrobe is properly stocked with their latest collections, fashion week suitcases packed with the statement pieces of the season, and I still have so much more to show you… I promise, more Ganni will come soon on For now, head over to Vogue Runway to see the complete Ganni SS17 collection, and be inspired by python western-boots, suede, fringe, and saloon dresses, all combined with minimalistic sunglasses, just how we love them.

Images via Vogue Runway