Hair is a delicate matter. Once you screw it up, it’s a long way back. I had my fair share of screw-ups, and looking back at my hair-history, I wonder how it’s possible I still have hair on my head. No, I’m kidding, but I do admit that over time I learned more about my hair and how to treat it. So truthfully, I can’t and I won’t tell you anything about the history of hair in general – as the caption of this article might let you to believe – but what I will do is tell you a little more about the history of mine, and hopefully help you getting to your “perfect” hair sooner than I did…

So over the years – I’m talking 15 years plus – I’ve done a lot to my hair. Things that are known to be not good for it, on the contrary. It all started with DIY hair coloring. Well, as we all know, that usually doesn’t turn out to be as the picture on the package, unless you are one of those home-colouring wizzards, which I’m not. Then I saved up, took a new direction, and had my high-lights done at a salon in my hometown. Not a big success either, considering leopard spots are only good on leopards, not on humans… Starting to figure out it’s all about the colorist, I did my homework and started traveling for my hair, other cities, different colorists, and I found one that did a great job, finally!

Yeah, I’ve always been blond by choice, but I never chosen for those ugly yellow tones – sorry, the images might be a bit distracting, but that’s indoor lighting doing its “wonders”. So with all the moving around, Singapore, Beijing, London, New York, it was every time again a task to find out where and who could do my hair well. Someone who just gets it. Now this doesn’t only apply your colorists… I’m lucky enough to work with THE BEST in that field in New York right now, but also did I meet a very special person who always knows how to cut my hair the best way possible. Someone who really gets my hair. And the best part is, he’s done in 20 mins, max. So fast, and so good. After Thursday’s haircut, I wondered why I didn’t go before Fashion Month, because the man I’m referring to, Kevin MancusoGlobal Creative Director Nexxus New York Salon Care – made me a look new again… Cliché words? Sponsored post? Yes, I hosted the event in New York in collaboration with Vogue and Nexxus, but only because I truly love the brand and the magic Kevin does to my hair every time I see him. It would be a shame not to share that with you!

Thus, here’s what we did that day… At the Nexxus salon in New York, they start with a quick identification of your current hair-state. Which, in my case, was that it needed a good trim, and some intense nourishing treatment. They worked wonders with their Emergencée treatment, and made my hair intensely reconstructed, and as they call it “responsive”. Best part about this, and this also makes their salon experience unique, is that after a quick hair analysis, they make a plan you can take home. They treat it, cut it, and with the right products they after treatment is easy peasy and therefore doable at home. Which is for me key, since I don’t have much time in the morning to “do” my hear. So in my case, I use some Mousse Plus from roots till half-way my hair, take al my hair together like a ponytail, and start blowdrying it out. From every direction possible. Sleek the front a bit, and I’m done.

Ready to welcome New York’s finest at the Vogue x Nexxus “History of Hair” event. Champagne and macaroons, a complimentary blow-out, and styling advice from Kevin. I think that’s pretty close to the perfect recipe for a great hair-experience!

This post was created in collaboration with Vogue & Nexxus New York Salon Care, a product of Unilever.








Zara top | MIH Jeans jeans (DIY rough hems) | Gucci slippers | Bally bag.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau & Lainy Hedeya


  • I love your hair! Beautiful colour and natural look :)

    I still have not found a colourist in the Netherlands though :p I get my hair done every time I go to Portugal to visit my family. I know it’s silly, but once you trust somebody to do it it’s so hard to try someone new!




      Thanks Catia. Not sure if it’s of any help, but I used to go to Rob Peetoom op de Grote Markt in Haarlem. The most senior colorist coloured my hair there, for first time, and after that for a long time, in the best highlights ever!!! Not sure what his name was, but he was a guy with blond curls if I remember well… Good luck! Xxx

  • Wow you look stunning!


      Thanks!! What a hair cut can do… ?

  • great post girl! Love your hair colour :)




      Thanks!!! I have to get it freshened up though, but Kevin did a perfevt cut so that box is ticked! Xx


    THANKS Neeltje!! A hair cut can do wonders ?

  • J

    Great post! How does the Zara top run?


      Normal, I think! Thanks!!

  • Sophie Woods

    This really inspires my to get up the courage to redye my hair. I’ve been wanting to for a while but I am always worried of how it will turn out :(

    Means Wisdom


      Do your research to find a good colorist. It is not cheap, the good ones never are, but at least you get what you pay for: GREAT color!!

  • Leuk om te zien


      Heel leuk event, en altijd fijn om even goed onder handen genomen te worden door een goede kapper!!

  • Speaking as a fellow blonde I totally get this post! I can’t believe how long your hair is now Charlotte. I’m continually growing mine, but always have a trim every 6 wks just to keep it in the best condition. Adore your Gucci slip ons btw!
    Hugs Adele xoxo


      I’m always so lazy when it comes to getting a trim, but every time I’ve done one, I’m so happy and it feels like a revelation all over again.. I should do it more often… For you and growing your hair, get a trim, but a tiny bit only, and take a multi vitamin as an extra, I believe it helps with growing your hair.. but that’s just me maybe ;) Xx

  • I have always loved your hair;)! But now you indeed look stunning in the pictures! Like a natural beauty, which I prefer over the pink hair, hahaha! Love your bag by Bally as well! Big Xx Susanne – http://bagatyou.com

  • Giovanna

    Love this post and these pics are beautiful! You look lovely :) I have a blog that I think will resonate with you, would love to get your feedback on it.

  • Loved reading this post, I’m currently considering getting the chop – my long locks into a long bob, but I’m debating whether it will be a success or something I will instantly regret!