Yes, the story of my life – full of new memories since the last time I blurped away about life, train stations, and my first Levi’s jeans – and the Station to Station project by Levi’s, continues…

Now since most of my Fashion Week stories come to you on a daily basis anyway, I wanted to update you a little more on the Station to Station project I am following. Not sure whether you’ve been following it too since the last time I’ve talked about it, but it’s basically about a group of Internationally known artists and musicians, of which Dutchies Sef and Tes are part, who travel from NYC (Pittsburgh) to San Fran, by train! On their 10 stops they visit 10 festivals/events, and in the meantime they let their creative spirits run extra hours by creating music, and other creative stuff.

At their stop in Chicago, Sef and Tes experience culture (The Bean), amazing food, and of course another event, which happened to be a surprisingly good mix of soul/Gospel and rock bands. I know, this has to be your cup of tea, but if I have to believe what Sef told us, it was “God damned good”. I take his word for it. And as if this night wasn’t crazy enough, Sef was in fact invited by Gregor Salto – we all know him, don’t we – to check out Chi-Town legends – I had to look those up, I didn’t know them – in some sort of club/bar which in real life happened to look more like a dark cave with a good sound system than a bar as we know it. Nevertheless, they had a great time being surrounded by people in their 40’s dancing their asses off, and – the best part in my opinion – they ended the evening with Jerk Chicken BBQ in front of this bar. Just so you know, I am a huge fan of jerk chicken and while I am writing this piece, my cravings are literally starting to grow… Trust me, this is not only because I am pregnant, I just love this food, but because I am pregnant I can at least justify going out for some later tonight!

But back to the journey, back to my pals Sef and Tes, who after an amazing night in Chicago boarded on the Levi’s train, and went off to Minneapolis. Any of you ever been there? Well, I’ve been told that if you are Dutch there is at least one place you have to go to: the Amsterdam bar. They even serve Bitterballen – a Dutch version of shrimp crockets, but with meat inside instead of shrimps, delicious – so indeed it can’t be missed. The bar served perfectly fine as after-party venue for the Levi’s Station to Station people, after their event in some sort of gigantic stadion. I guess everything in America is just gigantic for us Dutchies LOL, as Sef and Tes appear to repeat that expression in every story of their trip!

And a trip it was, as the Amsterdam bar was in fact the last stop of their journey in the Station to Station project. I am still waiting for more remarkable stories from their side, but one thing Tess said herself  “it wasn’t about the destination, it was about the journey itself – that’s where all the special moments were created”. I guess I can link this back to my epos on the phases we go through, and the “stations” we pass, which stand in fact as a metaphor for the memories we create on our way. The destination isn’t what it’s all about, true that, cause life’s destinations are unknown to us anyway. Bits and pieces we create ourselves, other things come along as we pass the stations. Pretty magical if you ask me…