Before I can talk you through my first day at London Fashion Week – which was amazing by the way – I have to sit down, sort my pictures, and think about what I’ve seen. Yet, sorting my thoughts – plus my pregger hormones – make me again reminiscing, again…

I suddenly feel so proud about the fact that – how cliché – my hobby became my work, which makes it never really feel like work, ever. I mean, how many people can say this about the thing they are doing for most of their daytime? And this makes me think about how I got here and about my obsession for fashion, which was surely fed by my mom – and I love her for that mom – because yesterday, when I was looking for a jeans for James in his drawer, I found my first jeans! Yes, my first tiny little Levi’s jeans! Obviously I can’t remember wearing it, but I am so happy my mom saved it for me, for the day I could put it on the little buds of my own babies.

It’s obvious that the little jeans brought back childhood memories. Not necessarily from the time I wore that jeans, because I can’t really recall those, but memories from childhood in general, which organically got me to the awkward puberty memories, and to the time I was a free and careless university student. It’s like a train-ride, going through all these memories, from station to station – a beautiful metaphor for all the memorable moments in life I think.

The Station to Station train parked at Union Station in Pittsburgh, PA.

Anyway, already many stations have passed for me; many memories were created, yet there are so many more to come… Which is something two fellow Dutchies are working on as well in this project I recently found out about called ‘Station to Station’ by Levi’s. A group of Internationally known artists and musicians, of which Dutchies Sef and Tes are part, travel from NYC (Pittsburgh) to San Fran by train! Like a road-trip, but then by train – yeah, I guess you got that part LOL. So this group, led by curator Doug Aitken, will visit 10 festivals at the 10 stops they make on their train-trip through the US of A. And you feel ‘m coming, they will create memories for life. I, for one, am already jealous of them, apart from the fact that they are doing USA-festivals for the coming weeks, because they went to the Alexander Wang after party! Hell yeah, they got in and partied with the New York Fashion Week in-crowd until the sun came up. You must understand that I couldn’t feel sorry for their hangover when they first set foot on the Levi’s train in Pittsburgh to travel to Chicago… Can you?

The Station to Station train parked at Union Station in Pittsburgh, PA.

Now why am I telling you all of this – the memories, the little Levi’s, the Station to Station project, the train? Well, only for the simple reasons that 1. I like this project so wanted to share it with you 2. I want to know a little more about my readers; do you have any very early fashion memories? and 3. Have you been to a festival in the USA before? Because I have never, and I am kind of envious of the people who have, cause no matter how many amazing memories I have of festivals in The Netherlands, and recently also in the UK, I think the USA ones are the most amazing. Visiting a USA festival is high on my bucket list. Is it on yours?

Soon more on London Fashion Week, and this cool project!



  • Eva

    Wat een gaaf initiatief van Levi’s en hoe cute is die jeans! Ik ben nog nooit naar een festival geweest in de VS, sowieso nog nooit naar een festival (ik weet het, schandalig!). Ben overigens wel altijd jaloers als ik al die foto’s van Coachella zie! Mijn eerste mode herrinnering is gerelateerd aan de C&A waar je voor kinderen vroeger een soort aankleed “tafels” had met van die rode pilaren waar mijn zusje en ik op neer werden geplant als er weer een nieuwe garderobe aangeschaft moest worden. De horror! We plagen mijn moeder er nog mee ;) Het is gelukkig wel helemaal goed gekomen met mij (ik prefereer tegenwoordig wel pashokjes). Mijn zus is nog steeds niet dol op shoppen. xx

  • chucky1012

    Looks great to me and what a nice jeans.
    Have a great time at the LFW.
    Wich fashion shows are you going to?
    I look forward for the post about this!~

    Happy weekend….


  • Ah nice! It looks great

  • Hi there, I kept my first pair of 501’s I got from Topshop about 15 years ago. I wish I could get back into them! They used to fit like a glove. More recently I’ve loved the Curve ID range (as it fits my bottom better).
    One of my early fashion memories is that my sister and I used to wear the same clothes in different colours. For example, mum would buy is pedal pushers (cropped trousers) and a patterned shirt, I’d be in pink, my sister in blue. Probably why I never really wear pink now. Also, I had a red velvet suit from Next about 12 years ago that I thought was very smart at the time. Looking back I was like Santa Claus! haha that was a fashion disaster. These days I’m mostly a white t-shirt and black leather jacket kinda girl. Although, attending a wedding next weekend and i have a gorgeous yellow mustard dress from Zara.
    I only recently discovered your blog and I really love your posts and pictures. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • 33

    I got the hand-me-downs from my only female cousin who’s 3 years my senior. her dad, my uncle, was a pilot for China Airlines therefore she got clothes from Japan and US thru out her childhood.

    I remember having, mini skirts, rompers, Levi’s/Wrangler jeans, and mock short sleeve knit turtleneck tops a la Marcia Brady from Brady Bunch TV show because that was all the rage in the US at that time (I was in Taiwan then). In those days, it’s very rare to have American fashion in Taiwan. I was a lucky one to have US clothings.

    During elementary school I was oblivious to it but as soon as I entered 7th grade I became aware of my non school clothings (we wore uniform to school) were different than my friends’. That, to me, was the moment that marked my awareness to fashion.

  • What a fab trip! I do remember we (I’m one of 3 girls) got to choose our clothes from a very early age. Shopping trips were a nice day out for us, I can remember the shops I used to love (sadly no longer around). I’ve never been to a festival in the US, but there’s still time!!

    Happy Saturday Charlotte xoxo

  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    Echt een heel gaaf concept die trip!

  • Nice jeans!