I’ve been talking about favourites a lot recently, and there is yet another one I’d like to add to this list: the jeans-white shirt-heels-combination. Of course the latter (the big ‘heels while being pregnant issue’) are, as said many times before, not always an option at this point, especially not when you have to walk a lot. I personally cannot at all walk longer than 30 minutes on heels, or I will have to regret it the rest of the day. Really regret it. Hence I make sure to always have a pair of flats in my bag (or someone else’s bag). I guess you do that too (even when not being pregnant).

But anyway, a white shirt, which I normally wear in a masculine fit (wide and a bit oversized), is perfect when being pregnant, but only if a little detail is added to the waist, like a waistband. This makes is much more flattering than wearing a masculine oversized version, plus, it stays in place all day, and is very comfortable. However, when there is a detail added to the waist, I tend to find it looking a bit dull, which gives me the urge to edge it up. The destroyed details of the jeans and the chunky heel did this for me. If you like to wear this white shirt in the more elegant way, you can decide to wear a skinny jeans with it, without the ripped details, and a more feminine heels. Both will do a great job making you look stunning, being pregnant or not.

White shirt Isabella Oliver, jeans Acne (on sale!), heels Tibi, bag Proenza Schouler.

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  • Q

    your right, one doesn’t have to be pregnant to wear that shirt!… I would totally rock it now!…. really nice look.x

  • Mariska O

    Love the heels and the bag! And you make-up is really nice :)

  • Emily

    The perfect combination, really can’t go wrong with a white shirt, jeans and heels! Especially when paired with a PS11! But I’m with you on the whole walking in heels thing – I’m the worst!!! P.S. You look radiant in these photos!


  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    Die band om je taile maakt het inderdaad heel mooi en flaterend!

  • vanoushka20

    Nice pics, perfect casual outfit!


  • Perfect for casual days…

  • Luba

    Gorgeous casual boyish look , love it

    XX Luba

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  • Nina

    Totally agree with you, this is one look you can always return too and look put together.

  • Simone

    Love this look! One of my favourites too!

  • Agreed ! the shirt looks great on you

  • Totally agree with you on this, as I’m posting the very same outfit combo on Tues, only I have leopard print heels…great minds Charlotte!
    Happy Saturday Charlotte xoxo

  • I totally do the flats thing! And of course the white blouse + jeans + heels is a classic.

  • Jessica G.

    Amazing heels!


  • Love the jean-white shirt-heels combination, you look fabulous!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Secret little Stars

    Those jeans are the best! I love the bottle green colour just now and your purse is amazing! Tatyana
    @ Secret little Stars

  • The Provoker

    Such a chic look, I also have that same PS11 bag but the bigger version, so nice right?? Btw, I just uploaded a stripe on stripe outfit post fit for a vacay to Saint Tropez as well as a Mawi statement luxury ring giveaway, and yes it’s an international giveaway! CHECK ‘EM OUT! <3

    xx The Provoker


  • viktoria


  • Scarlet

    It’s really nice to see how you add your own style to the Isabel O maternity clothes. I perceive their stuff as being really sweet and/or formal, but you adapt them well to a casual lifestyle. You are looking gorgeous!

  • such a classic! love the way you’ve adapted it for maternity. the shoes are amazing too.