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Photos by me and Laura Vartiainen

When it comes to buying the perfect jeans, there are many requirements jeans have to meet before we finally hit the sales counter. It’s not simply the color, fit, number of zips, buttons, or the way it’s ripped, it’s about that perfect feeling we are looking for when pulling a jeans up, closing it, and walking out of the fitting room. Next to that, even before we enter the fitting room, it’s about the way we are helped, because even people who prefer to shop ‘by themselves’ need advise in the denim section. Unless of course you want to try on ten pairs of jeans before starting to try the rights size anyway.

So here is my way of finding the perfect jeans, which was in my case slightly harder than normal, cause maternity jeans’ are a complete other world (I am not entering that one specifically today, but if you wish you can always drop me an email, cause I am happy to advise you): I went to Selfridges, just before they opened the Denim Lovers department, and went straight to the, back then, normal denim department. This time I was determined to find the perfect jeans, and I knew I could only do that with a little help. I normally am one of those people who like to shop ‘on their own’, but I really wasn’t in for a fitting room full of wrong sizes and styles, so I knew I had to ask someone to help me. With success. Just two pairs of jeans later I found my perfect jeans: A Paige Denim (maternity jeans) in black. Never did I have such a pleasant and quick shopping experience before. I was thrilled.

A few months later I was approached to collaborate with Paige Denim to host a denim event at Selfridges. I felt this was a perfect match, a sign that Paige Denim and I belonged together. Cause really, these are the things I blog my ass of for; working with a cool brand like Paige Denim. So a couple of Saturdays later I welcomed Paige, the creative director of Paige Denim, on her own section of the Denim Lovers department at Selfridges on Oxford Street. She explained me everything about the development of the current and A/W13 collections, and of course she showed me her favourite pieces. The multi-coloured and multi-printed jeans’ are key at the moment. They really pinch the eye, in a good way.

So here I am. Blessed with finding the perfect jeans, torn apart by the fact that I know I have to wait a while (until October at least) until I can wear them all the other styles. Cause no matter how happy I am my favourite jeans brand offers maternity jeans, the range of maternity jeans’ isn’t as wide as the ‘normal’ range. Nevertheless, I had an amazing time during the event, met plenty of lovely readers, and was even able to help finding others their perfect jeans.

I was wearing a black jeans, and shirt from Paige Denim, with Tibi heels.