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Since I’ve started my blog, but especially the past year, I’ve met many very interesting and inspiring women. All of them extremely passionate about what they do, many of them started something of their own, and a few of them did the exceptional thing of a 180 degrees career change to do what they absolutely love. So did Zoë Jordan. I think it was via one of the PR agencies in London that I got to know Zoë Jordan, the brand. I went to the showroom to pick up some styles for fashion week, because Zoë would love to see me and my big bump – I was then 8 months pregnant of Stella – in one of her pieces during the show. Of course I went, flattered as I felt, and got to know her collection. Me and my lime green Zoë Jordan dress were inseparable from that moment on.

Not long after, Zoë – the person – and I became Instagram friends. Funny enough not so much because of the whole fashion-thing, but because we got our babies almost at the same time. Her first baby girl Eden Rae Aspinall (22 months) was born around the same time I had James – though we didn’t know each other at that time – but at the time she was pregnant with her second girl Dylan Marie Aspinall (9 months), I was waiting for Stella to arrive. So we were constantly messaging that we had to go for coffee in  the hood – Notting Hill – and planned and planned, but it never happend. It was only a few weeks ago in New York that I finally met Zoë in person. Finally we had our “cup of coffee moment”, though we had burgers and tea at the Soho House. A second home away from home….

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One of the new year’s resolutions for my blog was to introduce a couple of new categories. One of these is the category where I introduce you to the women around me. Starting off slow – my planning got a bit delayed – the first woman in this series is the beautiful Elisabeth who works in art, has a successful wine and dine blog, and – I photographed her while she was 8 months pregnant – only recently became mother of a little baby girl. She tells us about her career, her style, and of course, baby preparations.

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