Shiseido Future Solution LX edit by Charlotte Groeneveld Thefashionguitar

There are so many amazing beauty products that come in on a weekly basis, but only so many opportunities to share these with you. And with my Instagram being mostly fashion focussed, and Instastories passing by so quick, I felt I should be sharing this new Shiseido Future Solution LX line that I’ve tried last month here too. The four products that I received are the Shiseido Future Solution Lx Total Protective Emulsion Spf 20 Sunscreen, the Shiseido Future Solution Lx Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream, the Shiseido Future Solution Lx Total Radiance Foundation Spf 20, and lastly, the most loved product by you on my InstastoriesShiseido Paperlight Cream Eye Color. Read here why I love this new product line, and why I think you should be trying it too…

I met the Shiseido skincare and beauty team in New York over summer. During our meeting – a press event with lots of delicious bits, happy people, and the presentation of the new product line – I had a “private skincare session” with one of Shiseido’s experts and got introduced with their new Shiseido Future Solution LX line. What I loved most about the line was the eye & lip cream, but the foundation made it high on my wish list too. First and foremost that eye & lip combination because I believe, too, that our skin in those two areas – even though they might look so different – needs most care of our whole face. These parts of our skin get dry so easily, especially when getting older, during winter, and when traveling a lot. The cream is super rich, and that’s good, but be prepared to have a feel of cream around your eyes throughout the day. It’s the evidence of a good hydration, but it might also feel a bit odd, and give you the urge to keep on massaging it in… If you know what I mean.

The foundation is perfect for my skin because it’s super light – as well as the tone, which makes it good for my Fall/Winter skin – and it feels like applying a daydream, yet it covers up uneven parts and redness. I have always red cheeks after my shower in the morning, so this is great to even things out. However, I did apply their day cream – the Protective emulsion with SPF 20 – under it, too. This one I’m not 100% sure about… It’s not a cream, or emulsion, that I feel is right for my skin. It’s too… I don’t know how to explain… thin, yet rich for my taste in skincare. Under my eyes, I love the richness, over the rest of my face I like it rich, but it has to absorb.

Lastly, that cute pink cream, which I applied on my lips and eyes, but is officially a cream eye color. Though, I feel you can also use it on your cheeks. I love the creamy way of make-up, which gives a natural glow, rather than a cakey matte face.

I worked with Shiseido for an Instagram story, however, this blog post is officially not part of our collaboration, I was not paid to share the above with you. I share this because many of you requested more information on the products than I could give on Instagram. I hope you enjoyed!

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