Fendi Fall 2017 Thefashionguitar

I think it’s quite clear that we need to start talking about what happened on the Fendi Fall 2017 runway today. Evidently I’m not in Milan-town right now, but apart from my own major FOMO, you wouldn’t notice, because the only thing we can see right now are those RED BOOTS. Fendi Fall 2017 RED BOOTS. I feel a major style alarm note we have to make, because this is the boot we are all going to wear from now on…

Karl Lagerfeld did it again. He killed it! And this time with a less “fur” runway, which I’m sure many people are very happy about – including myself. Even more happy surely everyone is by seeing these killer red over-the-knee-boots. Two shades of red – a wine red and fire-red – but personally I’m would go for the fire-red ones. AND the pointy toe is still there, which I also love!

I won’t lie, I’ve already been searching the internet for a perfect pair that I can wear right now, because I’m not sure if I can wait till these land in store. Should I be regretting the pair of Manolo’s x Vetements I just clicked home… Should I save up and get these in Fall instead?

Fendi Fall 2017 Thefashionguitar

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