So as you might have figured out by now, we are here in Paris with the four of us for the Bonpoint Fall-Winter 2017 show. And aside from my Instagram and Instastories exploding with photos from Stella and James in their current Fall-Winter collection, I will be live-streaming the show tomorrow, Wednesday 25th January 2017, 16.30PM CET (10.30AM EST), here on! So make sure you tune in to see the cutest and happiest show of the season…


  • Looking forward to you!


  • HOw awesome!!!!!!

  • looking forward! thank you for doing this!


      Thanks! Hope you enjoyed it!!

  • Ash

    This is just perfect! 💕💕 Bonpoint has a special place in our hearts… our youngest sister Piper Leigh wore it (almost exclusively) from newborn through the Yam line! We make a special trip to the store on Madison Ave every trip to New York to check out all the loveliness… and now, my sweet little niece Colette is wearing it as well! Happy memories and beautiful clothing are always welcome in my world. Thank you for sharing and have an amazing time! ❤️- Ash

  • Nothing like visiting a blog called thefashionguitar and hearing the sounds of guitar…

    Love, Zofia |


      Finally!!! I hope it makes you come back. There will be so many live stream videos over Fashion Month. So more guitar sounds in the works…

  • Gustavo Woltmann

    Thank you for expressing yourself in this way as you do with fashion, it shows that you are passionate, this incredible