CLUSE Watches 9 The Fashion Guitar

Getting back on track with my search for “the perfect watch” – which I committed myself to at the start of this summer – and slowly getting to the point where I know what I like AND – most importantly – what suits me, watch-wise… Cause you might remember, I have very special requirements when it comes to the size and the style of a watch. My pickiness goes as far as me rejecting to wear a watch at all, until I find the perfect one…

What started with having no-clue whatsoever about what my ideal summer-watch should be, resulted in CLUSE. And then I’m not talking about a new-dictionary word for having “multiple clues”, no, what I’m talking about is a new watch brand from The Netherlands that brought beauty and simplicity together with the goal to not only indicate time, but also to define your best moments and captivate attention in all simplicity. Which is exactly what I think a watch is for nowadays – because let’s be honest, if we want to know the time, we can grab our phone or look at our laptop…

CLUSE Watches 14 The Fashion Guitar

CLUSE Watches 4 The Fashion Guitar

CLUSE Watches 5 The Fashion Guitar

CLUSE Watches 6 The Fashion Guitar

CLUSE Watches 7 The Fashion Guitar

CLUSE Watches 8 The Fashion Guitar

CLUSE Watches The Fashion Guitar

CLUSE Watches 2 The Fashion Guitar

CLUSE Watches 3 The Fashion Guitar

CLUSE Watches 13 The Fashion Guitar
CLUSE Watches 10 The Fashion Guitar

CLUSE Watches watch | Roxanne Assoulin bracelets | Whistles top | Gucci for Net-a-Porter skirt | Gucci loafers | Kayu Design bag.

Photos by Daniel Kim (Walking Canucks)

This post was created in collaboration with CLUSE Watches.


  • Sennett

    Wat een mooie horloge! De kleur is perfect. Love the look!

  • Hele mooie outfit!

  • I’m in love with that skirt!


  • Love this outfit! X

  • Very nice outfit, love the skirt!


  • gosh sho beautiful!


  • I can’t get over how gorgeous your skirt is Charlotte. It looks great paired with the blouse. I love how the loafers de-feminise it a notch. Finding the right watch is a very personal thing. I invested in a Rolex a long time ago & it’s on my wrist every day.
    Have a great lovely weekend!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Ruth

    Charlotte, My my my I love your style and stay beautiful

  • Jade

    Love this summery ensemble!! -Jade

  • Natali

    You are such a beauty and the way you’ve styled this outfit is so interesting and inspiring!
    I love Cluse watches, I have just recently been introduced to them and I was “bought” by their timeless and delicate design immediately!

  • love the mix of lace with that print! so cute!

  • Lovey Fleming
  • Ana Vieira

    Amazing look. Love your shirt ♥♥♥

    Blog – Coco made me do this

  • Grace

    Love your shirt! If you’re looking to expand your watch collection, you should have a look at the Shoreditch collection from Henry London watches. The rose gold and nude leather tones of these watches would really compliment your style, plus you can personalise them by having the back of the case engraved ♥

  • Anne Jensen

    Love how the skirt and shirt matches to perfection, despite being different patters! :-) ♥

  • I love that the strap of your watch (that beautiful blue!) matches your skirt and it all just looks amazing together – It’s so important to have a watch that you can use every day and that suits you no matter what! So happy you found one!


  • Gorgeous Charlotte! I love Cluse watches!

  • Elena Bramanti

    you are wondeful!

  • Elena Bramanti

    I want you to be part of my new startup!

    • Elena Bramanti

      If you want to help me! I’m surrounded by geeks… they talk nonsense! :D

  • Amanda

    Please check out my swedish/american fashion and everyday blog. I’m Swedish and write also in english! :D :*

  • Anna

    Every second post on this blog is sponsored. Boooring.

  • Yolanda

    Prachtige outfit ♡