Charlotte Groeneveld Paris Fashion Week | THEFASHIONGUITAR

There’s always a stressful moment right before any Fashion Week starts, but especially when I have to travel to it: Packing stress. Usually I end up checking the weather and key pieces of the season, but the weather can be so unpredictable, and key pieces so pricy! So once I arrive, for example in Paris, I end up buying things out of necessity, and often too many. This time though, I got a little help from a very nice shoe fairy…

Nowadays I like to work with my favorite brands and borrow the pieces I love, to combine with pieces from my own wardrobe. This is obviously not something that just started over night. This took time. Four years to be precise.

Having built those relationships allows me to work with them more closely, create amazing content together, and even possibly have me borrow pieces for events and shows. The best part is that I can wear the most desirable pieces I’ve ever dreamed of. It’s one of the perks of the business I’m building, but what does this mean to you, and where am I going with this story? Not far, just staying close to a great brand I got to know when I moved to New York. A brand that has been a great provider for some of the nicest shoes in my wardrobe. This Fashion Month I’ve teamed up with them and showed a few of my favorite pairs throughout my stay in Paris…

Apart from the shoes I already had in my wardrobe, ALDO helped me get through Fashion Month without any more shoe stress. Most likely you’ve seen my ALDO favorites on Instagram during Paris Fashion Week, but I wanted to shine some extra light on the boots I’m wearing in this post. It’s not only the detail on the heel that caught my eye – extravagant heels are what we’re seeing a lot of this Fall – but also the super feminine silhouette of the boot itself. Something I’m not really used to wearing, but they work amazingly well with this beautiful bolo dress. They’ve made the dress more transitional rather than summer-floral. What do you think?

Charlotte Groeneveld Paris Fashion Week | THEFASHIONGUITAR


Charlotte Groeneveld Paris Fashion Week | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Charlotte Groeneveld Paris Fashion Week | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Charlotte Groeneveld Paris Fashion Week | THEFASHIONGUITAR

ALDO boots // Valentino dress // Valentino bag // Chanel sunglasses.

Photo 1-5 by Jeff Thibodeau, photo 6 by Valentina Frugiuele


  • This is such a beautiful dress!

  • claudia

    Love the dress and the boots a lot!

  • Natali

    Aldo always have some fabulous shoes, like this pair! Your dress is simply outstanding, I’m drooling over it’s amazingness!



      Ahhh so sweet!! Thanks!!

  • Wauw beautiful! En die schoenen zijn ook prachtig eronder!

    Liefs Nora / 1310bynora.com


      Thanks!! So happy it worked out so well :))

  • beautiful photos, that dress is so unique!

    xx Melis


      Thanks Melis! X

  • The dress is absolutely gorgeous! And I also like the shoes, although they’re not exactly my style. :)

    xo Alina


      I never thought they would be my style either, but truthfully, they are such good quality (soft leather) and shape, that I’m now obsessed with them. Aldo is definitely a brand I got to know when I moved here, and love because of the great quality/price point! Xx

  • fashion altitude

    these boots match perfectly the boho look of this fabulous Valentino dress.
    xo Mireille


      So happy to hear you like it!! Xx

  • Kathy

    Everything about this is just stunning. I am in love with your bag and shoes!



      So happy you like it! It’s sometimes hard to make something work when it’s a bit out of my comfort-zone, but this way I can keep inspiring you, and that’s what I love the most about my job! Xx

  • Oelala!! Love your boots as well as you dress & bag!! You look stunning, again! Xx Susanne – http://bagatyou.com


      Thanks lieverd! Xx

  • Denise

    Felt in LOVE with this boho dress <3




      I had some doubts in the beginning to be honest. I wasn’t sure about the length, the lose fit, and the print, but I must say that I am so happy how it worked out with the boots etc. It was not at all sandal-weather, so I had to make it more transitional… Thanks for your comments, every day! Xx

  • I love Aldo footwear, we have a store in my city & it’s one of my go to places for non designer shoes. The boots look fab with your dress, adore the heel & I bet they look great over denim too!

    You answered a question I had on my mind today, I wondered whether you borrowed a lot of your clothes for fashion month or whether they were gifted. I think out of all the bloggers I follow (which is not many, I’m very select!!) you definitely gave me the most wardrobe envy – haha!!

    Hugs Adele xoxo


      My job is to inspire my readers, and it’s super helpful is brands help me with that by ways of collaborating, gifting, or borrowing. I never wear anything I don’t like, or wouldn’t wear “in real life”, if I go that path, there’s no point in creating my own brand any longer. My style is my strongest selling point, and I do my best to stay on it ;) Thanks for being such a loyal follower, it means a lot! Xx

      • Oh Charlotte, I hope I didn’t offend or upset you asking this question, as this was never my intention. I guess I was wondering if you get to keep the fashion week outfits you wear, as you work so hard you deserve to keep them (I just didn’t word it well- sorry!). I’m thrilled you get to collaborate with such key brands & that, along with your amazing sense of style is what makes me LOVE you & your blog. I look forward to reading it while I have my brekkie in the mornings.
        Hugs Adele xoxo