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Life is about choices, right? So when I was planning my Fashion Month, there was only one other city I allowed myself to pick apart from New York. This was for the simple reason that I don’t want to be away from James and Stella for too long, too often. It’s the working mommy struggle I – and I’m sure many of you – deal with over and over again.

I believe I give my kids a great example by being a mother and a business woman. Obviously I’m not judging any mother who decided to be a full-time mother, because for every one of us out there, there’s a “best way” of doing it, and nobody ever should judge any women for this. I’ve been judged by some of my readers… sadly there are still mothers out there who think they know best, and moreover, they think they know how I do it, and they know exactly what to think about that… Well, I let them.

But back to the subject of Fashion Month decisions. So I decided to pick Paris – my all time favorite Fashion Week – next to New York. Of course I would have loved to be in Milan as well, because I believe that style-wise I would “fit in” perfectly fine. Plus, there are some amazing Italian brands that show in Milan, which are on my show-wish-list. Anyway, to celebrate a little bit of Milan, in New York, I’m sharing one of my favorite NYFW looks, where I’m wearing a little “Milan” with me… Can you guess?

Fendi Monster Baguette | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Aquazurra buckle boots | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Charlotte Groeneveld | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Aquazurra buckle boots | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Fendi Monster Baguette | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Fendi monster baguette // Rag & Bone shirt (more options here) // Aquazurra buckle boots // Celine sunglasses // Arme de L’Amour bracelet.

Photos by Marinke Davelaar


  • Kathy

    You are rocking this shirtdress. Such an amazing look. I love your bag. I’m guessing it is your little Milan piece. It is fabulous. You’re doing a great job as a mother and working at the same time. As a mother of two myself, I can’t tell you what you should do. You need to do what is right for you and your family. Only you know what works. It’s different for all of us. I also understand why you wouldn’t want to leave your kids for a whole month for fashion month. In my opinion, I think you are balancing it perfectly.



      So happy with these kind comments, makes my day! Xx

  • claudia

    Love the shirt dress and the sandals are so so stunning!

  • I’m guessing it’s Fendi? ;) Anyway I don’t think people should judge each other when we cannot really put ourselves 100% in the other person’s shoes…so just keep doing what you do and if you’re happy and satisfied, that’s all that matters!


      Exactly :) Xx

  • Natali

    Wow!! You always leave me speechless girl!! The way how you effortlessly wear and style all of your outfits is simply amazing!


      Sweet, thanks!! Xx

  • I am in love with this outfit!

  • QueenLina
  • Those boots are a great element of surprise to a simple shirt dress

  • Those shoes are so dominatrix, I love them!

    And I hate when women judge other women. Something that I am not looking forward to if I become a mother. I’ve heard so many stories of expecting mothers just getting all this unwanted advice or being looked down for whatever decisions they make re: their own child. Keep doing you, and if your children/family is happy, I think you’re doing just great.

    COFFEESLAG Ayme’s Wardrobe Essentials


      Thanks Ayme!! Xx

  • lavieenliz

    love this outfit

  • The Style Check

    Beautiful look, love the shoes!

  • Kim

    Offcourse I do not know all the details on how you run your family. But from what you show us, I can honestly say: you inspire me!! I just started my own bussiness and my baby boy is almost 8 months old. When I read your articles and Get a glimps of your personal live via Intagram,I know this is how I hope to be succesfull. Running a beautiful family with happy kids Whitout losing your own ambitions and passions. You are an exemaple to many other moms I am sure!




      Thanks Kim!! Xx

  • Nice dress shirt, look really good on you


  • mirjam

    so in love with that shirtdress – such a great shape!

  • Jint
  • viennarightnow

    I am in NYC right now. This city is def demanding! Especially when you are a working mum. So many people, such a rush and people heading for something. Kudos!

  • Diane Fonkoua

    In love with this outfit! The shoes are everything

  • Susanne

    I absolutely love this bag. I’ve been searching for a new hand bag since I have seen it on your blog – the original does not fit my budget.

    Keep on – no matter what some people say. Being a mum of a 14 month old myself I think kids are happiest when they feel that you are perfecly happy as well. And I admit I could not be perfecly happy without my job.

  • great outfit… And those shoes! love it.

  • mybeautrip .com

    Wooow… I love this look. It’s so chic and sexy!


  • Berty Morales

    The perfect casual chic look. Just gorgeous.

    Berty Morales
    Mad For Fashion For Less!

  • Hi Charlotte, I’ve been away so just catching up with all your posts I missed. I LOVE the monster bag, it’s fab. I also love the monster backpack Fendo do. The boots look perfect with the shirt & are soooo edgy. A simple look yet such a statement maker.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Pardon My Obsession

    Fendi :) Cool look, and don’t regret not attending Milan, Paris will be fabulous as well !