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No more waiting… My campaign for X Jewellery launched today! Needless to say I’m super excited to share the result with you, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the bracelets I’ve designed!

I wasn’t familiar with the brand until they reach out to me with the question if I wanted to be part of their AW15 campaign. Not only did the bracelets spark my interest, the whole creative direction the brand was going to take totally appealed to me. I personally think it’s very strong, feminine and sophisticated. Yet, it’s personal because it’s not shot with a random model, but with me, in my own clothes, neighborhood, and with my team around me.

The four bracelets I’ve design go by the names of “Khaki Luxe” which is a combination forest green rubber and bronze interlinking links, “Structures” which is more of an edgy design of structured silver, and black rubber and bronze links, “Bohemian summer” a dreamy bracelet with flowers and stars in silver and bronze linked to each other, and lastly, my favorite, the “Counting sheep” bracelet, where silver links are combined with little sheep-shapes, super subtile and fun!

The whole idea behind X Jewellery is that everyone can mix and match to create your own unique bracelet. Each link you pick interlocks simply by sliding one link into another via the slim opening on the side. Joining the links at the right angle forms and “X”; the inspiration behind the name.

The coming months I will tell you and more importantly show you much more of my designs, and how I style them in my outfits. So keep watching this space!

X Jewellery AW15 Campaign | THEFASHIONGUITAR

X Jewellery AW15 Campaign | THEFASHIONGUITAR

X Jewellery AW15 Campaign | THEFASHIONGUITAR

X Jewellery AW15 Campaign | THEFASHIONGUITAR

X Jewellery AW15 Campaign | THEFASHIONGUITAR

X Jewellery AW15 Campaign | THEFASHIONGUITAR

X Jewellery AW15 Campaign | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Hair & Make-up by Anna Webber // Photography by Peter Aagaard. 


  • Cortne Morgan

    Such gorgeous pieces! so excited for this and for you!!! congrats.

  • Honorata

    Congratulations, the bracelets are amazing:)))


  • mirjam

    Congrats – great campaign!

  • Looks really amazing!!

  • Congrats Charlotte! They all look amazing and the photos too ;)

    Xx Maria
    stylefax blogspot com


      Thanks Maria!!

  • Congratulations Charlotte, you must be buzzing! I had a sneaky look online last night when I saw your instagram post. I especially love the Bohemian bracelet!! Can’t wait to see more of your designs. I’m hoping to follow you from my sunbed over the next week as I’m heading to Turkey for a bit of sunshine. We’ve not really had a summer here in the UK!
    Hugs Adele xoxo


      Thanks Adele! Xx

  • Nice photos :)


  • Nico

    Pretty cool shots!

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  • lavieenliz

    love the photos




  • Kathy

    These bracelets look fantastic. I really like the counting sheep one. I never would have thought sheep for a bracelet, but when I saw the picture of it just now, I fell in love with it. Congrats on this collaboration.


  • Neda Riahi

    Lookin gorg on these photos Charlotte! The bracelets looks nice too :)

    xx Neda


  • Oh, I love those pieces! Beautiful! <3


  • sdsdfsdf

    Beautiful and chic look! Love the shoes, great color and pop of color!


  • Veena

    Such gorgeous pieces – many congratulations on your campaign!

    ♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  • Pardon My Obsession

    Gorgeous shots, I love this campaign, and the styling !