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To everyone I love… If there was a way to extend my days, build in more hours, or even a few minutes more every morning, I would totally go for it and seize every extra second I could get. I used to have a very annoyed attitude towards people who always start their sentence with – after I asked how they were – “I’m sooo busy”. Why so annoyed Charlotte? Well first of all because I think it’s a stupid thing to say to a mother who runs her own business, and secondly, aren’t we all busy somehow? Why would I care you are, I am too, and I’m not complaining about it either, am I? Or isn’t it a complaint when those people tell me they are sooo busy? Is it simply a way to tell me the reason for their absence over the past weeks – as in, we didn’t find a second to go for a drink. I don’t mind, I get that.

But it’s mainly because I’m annoyed with myself for not being able to do all the things I want to do and nurture all the relationship I want to nurture… I always start my day fresh, with a simple to-do list in my mind – I make those when I’m in the shower – and full of energy. However the minute I set one step down the stairs, my day turns out to be completely different from how I planned it. That’s all right, I learned to accept that – kind of – since I had Stella and my blog turned into a full-grown business. Though it makes me sometimes feel more annoyed towards people who give me a shitty feeling when I turn out to be a shitty friend – for not nurturing our relationship well, and then I’m not even taking in consideration the time-difference with those who live in Europe, which doesn’t help either.

My point is that I wish I could do it all; be the best friend I could be, while being the best mommy, wife, and business woman. Turns out I fail terribly. So here I am, sitting behind my laptop feeling such a bad friend, cause fact is, this is always the part that comes last… Not because I don’t love the people close to me, but just for the simple fact that “I’m sooo busy”.

Today’s bare shoulders are not only proving summer had officially kicked-off in New York, it’s more of a metaphor to me in letting the pressure slip off my shoulders. I’m working on my super powers to being able to also tick the “friend box” as best as possible too, but until then I need to get the pressure off. I love the people around me deeply, and I rest in the idea that true friends know…

Charlotte Groeneveld | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Charlotte Groeneveld | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Charlotte Groeneveld | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Charlotte Groeneveld | THEFASHIONGUITAR


Charlotte Groeneveld | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Charlotte Groeneveld | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Cynthia Rowley off-shoulder top // Stella McCartney cropped jeans // Brian Atwood heels // Celine box bag // Jimmy Choo sunglasses.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau


  • love your top!!! and the shoes are SICK!!! <3
    I hope you find the balance in your life, although you're a really good blogger you know :D

    xx Maria
    stylefax blogspot com


      Thanks! Working on it every day! Xx

  • lavieenliz

    that top looks great on you

  • Such a lovely outfit! I really like the top you’re wearing!

  • Ik denk dat goeie vrienden daar echt wel respect voor hebben en dat het niet uitmoet maken wanneer ze wat horen en jullie wat gaan drinken! Mooi geschreven stukje En wat goed hoe jij dat allemaal doet <3 Prachtige outfit ook trouwens!

    Liefs Nora /


      Lief, Thanks! Xx

  • Honorata

    Easy breezy spring urban look, great mix of colours:)

  • Ohh my gosh that top is amaaaazing!!!! Love it so much, and the length of the jeans is perfect!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • Love the color of the top, elegant ;)



  • Hattie

    Hi Charlotte,

    I’ve just come across your blog and have been hooked for the last half hour, reading your back story and posts. Love that you are doing all of this with 2 little ones as well.

    Will be back for more!


  • Beatrice Gutu

    Super chic outfit! Absolutely in love with this off shoulder top, it is simply my dream!

  • claudia

    I’m obsessed with off the shoulder pieces! Love the heels and the bag too!

  • Liv

    I am loving the off the shoulder trend. You look great!


  • Nico
  • The shoes are insane, so chic! Love the whole look. Great post

  • This has got to be one of my favourite looks! And you’re right, a good friend understands, and loves at all times!

  • Ah sweetheart, I guess you are right that your good friends understand..! You look awesome though => absolutely love the shoes and the Celine Box Bag!! Xx Susanne –

  • oh la la Charlotte. This outfit would be perfect for me, ha ha. That bag and off shoulder top are sooo pretty!

  • Jint
  • carla sanfratello

    The skirt is so so lovely! Love it!


  • I’m in loooove with your top!


  • Love this top, your look is amazing!


  • What a beautiful look, I love your heels soooo much. Good for you for letting the pressure slip off your shoulders. I’m also soooo busy and I totally get you, although I got this angry feeling while reading your post. Is it you or me, or are we both a little angry? I’m a mother of 5 year-old twin girls, I run my own business too, and on top of that, I’m ill… So don’t worry if you totally suck at a few things, you’ll learn to relax with the years. Family comes first when you have young children, and you will suck at many things too in that department. It won’t get easier though, well, I don’t think it has for me anyway, but you’ll change, and if the people around you can’t get that. Well… Sorry about being rude, but f*ck them, full stop :) You don’t need them in your life.
    A blog with wits and beautiful looks, thank you Charlotte.

  • Yay! I’m a huge fan of off the shoulder tops Charlotte. Love the volume in the one you’re wearing. As for the friends thing…a true friend will support you & understand that you’re trying to juggle a million & one things & will always be there for you, otherwise they’re not a friend worth having!!!

    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • The Style Check

    Top is gorgeous, really suits you!

  • That top mixed with those shoes are a great pair! I saw the dress version of that top and was debating on getting it but I think I like the top better. More versatility.


    coffeeslag: DAILY ELITE REVIEW

  • Chrystel

    Great post! Don’t be too hard on yourself. You don’t need to be perfect… It’s ok if you just try to be a bit better everyday. Sometimes it works and sometimes not… But it’s all right. Your friends will understand you just as you do.

  • fashion altitude

    Where is this rule written somewhere that we women have to be the best in everything?This is kind of annoying too to feel the pressure from those who want to the best in everything. The best mom, wife, business woman, best friend………. Personally, I stay away as much as possible from this pressure or anyone who feels and acts this way. Over the years, I learn to be in the present and experiment what I have to live and be the best human being possible. and when I am in this mindset, I thrive. Otherwise, it’ s a disaster. No more what if and things flow. So, please don’t be too hard on yourself, anger will not serve your purpose…
    I love the styling of your cropped flare with those heels! I just bought a pair and an off shoulder top is definitely an option!!

  • anna ovtchinnikova
  • sophiewupperman

    My favorite trend this season :)