White & Warren fringe scarf | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Looking at this week’s weather forecast, today is supposed to be the coldest day, so it seemed best to just bundle up, wrap it all together, and leave the house with nothing less than a few good layers – of cashmere preferably. I love mixing textures and fabrics, and this look totally gives me satisfaction on that level. The teddy coat, the soft cashmere, the fringe…

Being one day down this week, I’m starting to get excited about some great events coming up the coming days. I can’t tell you much more about it now, but I will give you all the details soon, I promise! Oh and I’m shooting a little story end of the week, featuring my favorite brand of all times, can you guess which one that is?

Ps. Does anyone know how to get the folding-lines out of my cashmere scarf? I cannot get rid of them!!!!



White & Warren fringe scarf | THEFASHIONGUITAR

White + Warren cashmere fringe scarf // Ganni coat // Genetic Denim jeans // Celine sunglasses // Chanel Boy bag // Monica Vinader rings // Ugg Australia boots.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau



  • chucky1012

    Very nice scarf to keep the cold away ;-)

  • Always wearing great stuff!


  • Love your cape!


  • Layers and cashmere is the bst – Scandi speaking ;)


      True that!

  • Natali

    Perfect bag and scarf! You look beautiful!

  • stay cosy – the most important thing right now! but you stay cool and stylish as well so it’S a huge bonus ! :)

  • claudia

    Very nice look with the UGG’s!

  • Wat een heerlijk warme outfit. Prachtige jas en sjaal ook. Wat betreft de kreukels in de sjaal. Hang hem in je douche en laat hem daar stomen en strijk hem tussendoor een beetje glad. Hielp ook bij mijn sjaal en zelfs bij mijn trouw-sluier ;) Anders eventueel heel lichtjes strijken op de wol stand met een vochtige theedoek er tussen? Succes! xx


      Ja, dat waren ook mijn trucjes, maar helaas nog niet gelukt… Xx

  • Honorata

    In love with this coat:)))

  • Ana

    Cashmere is my obsession :) Dream outfit but I must say I’m not that keen on Uggs :)


      I wasn’t keen on Uggs either, but I must admit they are really good for when it’s really cold ;)

  • Love the cosy yet cool vibe to this look. great layering! Can’t wait to see your projects in the run up to Xmas!

    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • The slow pace

    That’s my kind of outfit! I’ve been looking for the perfect black scarf and it’s not an easy task! That one you’re wearing looks really nice. And that coat too!

  • love the way you wrapped your scarf! <3

  • hi charlotte! have you tried placing a tea towel on it and iron over it? it usually works!


      Yes… That was my first try, but didn’t work really well… Thanks for the tip!

  • fashion altitude

    Comfy outfit for the cold weather! And I think your favourite designer (based on your posts) is Valentino.:-)! Am I guessing right?


      You know me so well!

      • fashion altitude

        YEAHHHH! ;-).Cant’ wait to see the post! I am also totally in awe of Valentino…Lucky you…

  • Jint

    Mooie look voor de kou van NYC!

  • fashion altitude

    did you try to steam the folding lines? It works…normally:-)


      Yes… first thing I tried, didn’t work…

  • Love the look! I have that same Chanel boy bag. It’s a beauty!

  • Carmen

    Try to hang it up in the shower while you take a hot shower or bath, worked for me :)

    I guess it’s similar to steaming, but more gentle to the fabric.

  • Shoshana

    I couldn’t believe how much colder it was this morning when I left my apt. I suppose it doesn’t help that I live in the Kips Bay area, literally in the east river. I wish I had of put on layers. You look well prepared and cozy to say the least. As for creases, I put my iron on high steam, put a towel over my sweater and the steam took out the lines. A lofty towel works best as the thick loops stay lifted up and won’t flattened the cashmere. You also left the steam do all the work without having to apply pressure. Good luck.
    Instagram: koshercoco

  • Emma Long

    You look totally snuggly and cosy in that outfit! Very jealous.

  • Looking forward to hearing your news! Love the all black look

  • lavieenliz

    great winter look


  • Perfect winter layering x I have the Ganni coat in grey, I absolutely love it!

  • I JUST got a big black cashmere throw just like this! Thank you for showing the best ways to wear :))

    Much Love

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