MIH Jeans for Net-a-Porter | THEFASHIONGUITAR

Yesterday it was snowing, can you imagine?! When I was taking these photos it was as if we skipped winter all together, and just went straight-on to Spring. I guess I’ve experienced an amazing Indian Summer and shall prepare myself for a proper New York winter… But for now I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! It’s our first, and it looks like we’re going to eat a lot of turkey, watch many movies, and start preparing our house for the Holidays. It’s going to be a cosy two months…

MIH Jeans for Net-a-Porter | THEFASHIONGUITAR

MIH Jeans for Net-a-Porter | THEFASHIONGUITAR

MIH Jeans for Net-a-Porter | THEFASHIONGUITAR

MIH Jeans for Net-a-Porter | THEFASHIONGUITAR

MIH Jeans for Net-a-Porter | THEFASHIONGUITAR

MIH Jeans for Net-a-Porter overalls (similar here) // Tommy Hilfiger turtle neck (similar here) // Gucci bag // Celine sunglasses // Celine boots.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau



  • chucky1012

    That is nice!
    I like the overall ;-)

  • Natali

    Perfect overalls, I’m looking into buying something similar!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  • irene

    love your denim overall, you wear it perfectly

  • oh hello retro girl !!! you nailed it ! welcome in 2014 ! :)))))


      Thanks babe!

  • That overall looks really nice on you!


  • Honorata

    Love this 70’s vive, and these sunnies are awesome!

  • The slow pace

    I didn’t like the 70’s vibes but this season you are making me love them! They were not an option for me but after seeing your last 70’s looks, I may change my mind!


      So happy I can inspire you with this!

  • claudia

    Love those flared denim overalls, they’re so cool!

  • Paulina Villalpando

    Awesome look! You are the coolest.


      You are too sweet!! Xx

  • Sara

    You look stunning!! What size do you have if you don’t mind asking? Are they super long?


      Thanks Sara, I wear my usual denim size, and it’s stretchy fabric. They are long, I wear my Celine boots with the chunky heels. But you can always alter them! Hope that helps!! Xx

  • Paula Encants

    You are the best! And you have the gucci in the most amazing color ever!


      Thanks Paula!

  • gorgeous look!


  • Ari Camacho

    Love the overalls!! So 70’s and cool…

  • desideropacem

    My inner hippie celebrates your outfit!

    Lots of Love
    Verena Fiona
    | LondonparismilanblagoesNYC! |


      Haha, thanks Fiona!!

  • lavieenliz

    love the overalls

  • Love the overalls!

  • Love this denim! I don’t know why but I’ve never been a fan of flares & would never wear them myself, but you totally rock them.

    Hugs xoxo


      I’m not always a big fan of flares either, even though I love them on others. But this overalls, I couldn’t resist!

  • templeofbeauty

    I am loving overalls right now. Z&G

  • Liz

    Excited to see your new blog design…