Topshop Unique culottes | THEFASHIONGUITAR


Topshop Unique culottes | THEFASHIONGUITAR


It still hasn’t landed, and I can only think about the fact that last year I went into labour at almost the exact same time I heard this year – yesterday – I won the cancer-battle. Is that coincidence? I keep looking for reasons why things have happened the way they did – knowing there is not a logical explanation, nor anything I could have done differently to escape this shit. I guess it’s just the realization, when you hear you’re sick, that you’re not invincible. Cause that’s how we live, thinking we are, thinking nothing will harm us… until somethings does. Naive? Not sure, maybe it’s good we do it that way, cause it gives us courage and allows happiness. We are programmed that way, otherwise we couldn’t ever handle the downs we something have to go through to get to the ups. I can drown in these thoughts, but at the end of my day I rest in the feeling that we are incredibly strong and that we can overcome so many things when we have to…

And in the light of winning my battle against cancer, which coincides with the first birthday of my daughter Stella, I say bye bye to all the fuzz in my life and welcome the fun*. I cannot wait to see my little girl putting on her biggest smile and sing “Hurray” while she stretches her arms up in the sky. Happy Birthday sweetest Stella, that you may be an incredible strong women.

But that’s not it… More celebrations this weekend, as I’m very excited to tell you that Saturday 10/18 from 2-6pm I will be celebrating “Fall For Tommy” at the Tommy Hilfiger store in Soho (on Broadway between Broom and Spring). So if you are in New York this weekend, or planning to visit, make sure you’ll join me for delicious fall themed beverages, trying on the new F/W ’14 collection, and have some photo booth fun. I’ve heard some really nice giveaways from local vendors will be ready for you too… I’m excited, more than ever, to meet you all!

Topshop Unique culottes (similar here) // Zara shirt (similar here) // Celine boots (similar here, or the ankle boot version here) // Gucci bag (similar here, here, and here) // Celine sunglasses // Larsson & Jennings watch.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau

* I should have smiled more in these photos, but they were taken a while ago. I promise, from now on, more smiles!



  • What wonderful news! You beat it Charlotte, congratulations, I’m so happy for you!!!!
    The culotte & boot combo is truly delicious & I love the pop of Orange from the disco bag. I’ve often thought of buying one in red to go with my red Hermes CDC.
    Hugs xoxo

  • yayyyyyyyyyyy !!! great news !!! wish you all BEST !! ♥♥ cant even look at the outfit cause im really happy for you :)


  • Natali

    Oh wow! CONGRATULATIONS on receiving these kind of great news and for winning the battle that no human should ever go through, but for some reason… Different things and tasks are brought on our path and they def. do teach us valuable lessons. Starting with “smile more” is something I’ll remember to do more as well, since there’s so much to be thankful for.


  • Une petite Bruxelloise

    I don’t know you personally, but you seriously look like the one of the sweetest people!!! So much positive energy and so much strength!!! And of course, so much beauty :) congratulations for the good news and happy birthday to your little angel!!!!


  • Honorata

    Congratulations!!!The most precious news!!! ps. love these celine boots!


  • Wat een geweldig nieuws!! Fantastisch dat je die rotziekte hebt verslagen en daarnaast natuurlijk ook gefeliciteerd met je mooie kleine dochter! Daarnaast een prachtige outfit. Vind de broek je echt prachtig staan en helemaal met die hoge laarzen erbij! Een hele fijne dag vandaag! xx


  • Love these pants, the color is perfect and I really like the way you wear it!



  • claudia

    Those culottes look so amazing with the boots! Love this outfit!



  • Sennett

    I am so happy for you! Happy birthday to your little girl Stella and cheers to this wonderful news! Big hug all the way from the Dutchies X

  • looove the pants!



  • The slow pace

    Congratulations!!!! I’m really happy for you and I wish you a long happy healthy live. I guess this must feel like being reborn… Happy birthday to Stella too!!!
    On another note, I love your look today! :)

  • That’s wonderful news…good cause for a double celebration. ;))


  • Chelf .

    im very happy for you charlotte!

  • You are fearless, I loved reading about your exploits in Notting Hill, I so look forward to your posts and feel blessed to share your journey!

  • Echt super geweldig voor je! Geniet van elke dag <3 :) Prachtige look weer!

    Liefs Nora / 1310bynora.com

  • Shoshana

    Great pair of culottes. Love the rich tone.
    Instagram: koshercoco

  • Camille

    this is epic

  • You are a brave woman. I have followed your battle and this is a very happy day indeed! Congrats! Can’t wait to see more smiles! You deserve them!

  • Giovanna

    Congratulations on being cancer-free! I’m so proud of the way you handled this – still living your life and maintaining your blog – I would not have done as well as you. I hope your life is smooth sailing for a long time – you’ve earned it. PS – love your outfit.

  • YAY!! This is so fantastic, I am so happy to read this, for you and your family!! You are so strong and brave and I hope your life is on the up from here!! p.s gorgeous outfit!!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • nuria

    Me encanta el look


  • Awesome, congratulations! Happy b-day to Stella too
    Love the culottes and boots

  • Céline

    OMG I’m soooooo happy for you !!!! It is such a good news !!! And happy birthday to your sweet little girl :) xoxo

  • Beating cancer is the best news!


  • Lian

    Wat een goed nieuws, geweldig! Soms weet je pas na een paar maanden, zelfs jaren waarom iets verschrikkelijks is gebeurd. Dat is mijn ervaring tenminste :-) For now zou ik er flink van genieten met je familie, je hebt het verdiend!

    Btw, geweldige outfit! Moet mijn boots ook maar eens proberen met mijn culottes..

    Liefs Lian

  • Liz

    You are so cute!!! Love the post!:)