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Silver pleated skirt | THEFASHIONGUITAR


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Wherever you are, whenever it may be, there is always a silver lining. It might not look like it, at the start, but the sooner you find peace with uncomfortable situations, the sooner you start to open yourself up for the potential in it. Now I don’t want to say there is any good potential, or anything good at all in having a life threatening illness – and I’m not talking about my case which is in fact very well treatable – but no matter how bad it is, when you focus on that tiny bright thing, you will start “feeling” a tiny bit better. And this can be anything, from brushing your teeth after taking horrible medicines, to watching your favorite series in bed over and over again. It may come across trivial, but believe it’s true. For example, every hour I need to take a spoon full of lemon juice, to make my salivary glands get the radioactive iodine out of my body. You know, that sour feeling you get in your mouth. So the first day it was fine, but I’m only on day two and I’m pretty sure I never want anything to do with lemons after this week. Though, the good thing is that I’m stocking up on plenty of vitamin C. Positive, right!

Another silver lining for me is being alone. Sounds weird, but hear me out. I started with the thought it would be extremely relaxing to spend a week alone. But also day two already proved that I should have been more “careful with what I wished for”. I mean, every mother of two will agree with me, the idea of not having to do anything for a day sounds heavenly. But of course in that though you have your kids running around you. I have to keep my kids on a minimum of ten feet distance, with a door and a drawer to block me and the hallway from them coming in. I cannot see them. And I hear them cry for me, of course, cause they are young and even though they understand a lot, this is just weird. Mommy is in the other room, and she is not coming out?! Okay, but I was taking about my silver lining in this. Well, it’s hard, but I found it: I can answer my emails (yay), I indeed can watch my favorite series, even re-watch them, and I can read all the magazines on my bedstand. It’s nothing in comparison to holding Stella and James, but as I said it’s a silver lining…

Designers Remix silver pleated skirt (size gone? Get it here! Or similar one here and here) // Zara sweater (similar one here and here) // Celine slip-ons (similar one here and here) // Givenchy bag (similar here).

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau



  • chucky1012

    That’s great and I love the brand ;-)
    Nice outfit and great pictures!

    Have a great weekend Xoxo

  • Honorata

    Love this look:)))Subtle but eye catching,classic but with a twist…great styling:)))

  • Natali

    Thank you for this post and being so deep and honest… I needed to read somethong like this today.

  • Such a refreshingly honest account of what you’re going through Charlotte. It must be so hard not being able to see/hold the kiddies. I’m so into the silver skirt & chunky knit trend right now, your skirt looks great!
    Giveaway on my blog – Win a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses of your choice!

  • S.

    Lovely post! I found your positive attitude so refreshing :) I hope you’ll feel better soon!

    Also, I love this outfit, the skirt is perfection!

    Indigo Lights

  • Wow, really like this outfit! Especially the different textures of the skirt and jumper <3


  • Wow. I was out of all blogging for quite a while, and came back today reading this from you. Can’t imagine what you’re going through right now, just hope you’ll get well soon. Good to read you have such a strong attitude and outlook on all that’s happening .. hang in there babe.


  • you are such a strong woman and will get through this! thinking of you! x

  • Q

    As a mother of one I never wish for a day alone….. I cherish every moment I spend with my son, so I can’t imagine what you are going through…I feel your pain. I am wishing you a speedy recovery.x

  • You have such a great attitude, get better soon. Beautiful skirt!

  • claudia

    Love absolutely everything in this outfit! Sweaters and midi skirts are always a great combo! The slip ons are super cool!

  • Love this post! So inspirational! You are so brave and positive through all this, and this is lessons we should all take from you!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • Zoveel respect voor je hoe je met deze situatie omgaat. Such a strong lady & mom! And on another note…truly adoring this look babe! Love the casual feel of it..

    Joy. | |

  • Great outfit, like this kind of style!


  • Wat een mooie look! En super goed dat je er zo positief mee bent <3

    X Nora /

  • love this silver skirt !! too good !

  • fashion altitude

    You are so brave as a woman and as a mother! A great lesson to learn from you about life value and hope. You will be over all this soon enough. Is it a dutch virtue to be enduring and pragmatic. Well, what you create is the best outcome for your life now and in the future.
    Keep it up!:-)

  • phyllis nobles

    I admire the way in which you have maintained your beautiful social media presence and inspiration while going through something traumatic. You’re right about being careful what you wish for – as a mother you want some time for yourself but usually by the time you get it you don’t know what to do with yourself. Best wishes for continuing good health & happiness xo

  • Love that skirt! You are a strong woman.

  • Beautifully written as always and I feel blessed that you are sharing your journey! Big hug from London