Agraria candles | THEFASHIONGUITAR

There are two reasons to ask for a light, one is to light a candle and the other is to get into bad habits… cigarettes… and I plead guilty, but obviously with my current health status I stay away. Anyway, so when the latter does fall away – which is great – you have to make sure to have enough candles around you to slowly grow out of that favorite sentence of yours…

My most recent favorites are these candles from Agraria, San Fransisco. My favorite scent? I think Balsam and Mediterranean Jasmin are pretty great. The first one I like to keep in the bathroom, whereas the fresh Jasmin is perfect for the bedroom.

Oh and Thanks VIANEL for my personalized Moleskine notebook. You make me want to go back to the days where iPhones didn’t exist, I knew my best friends phone number from the top of my head, and selfies had to be developed into actual photos before we could share them…