Front row these days: High heels made way for designer slip-ons. Hurray! I couldn’t agree more with these ladies, although I still have big admiration for women who wear high heels every day, to every show… for a month!

I like to believe that the Anna Dello Russo’s from this world are built for heels. They seem to wear them without any problems, ever. If you are from my world though, in which blisters rule, especially when you’re wearing those new shoes you bought for Fashion Week, there has to be some tips and tricks involved. I still didn’t come any further than 1. Wearing socks in heels and sandals – luckily this is an ongoing trend – and 2. prepare my feet with plasters, and stocking up my bag with plenty more in case of an emergency.

It might be Anna’s steal life-motto – “when you get comfortable, you will never get the look” – that keeps her going, but I bet she has some serious tricks to avoid the “pain”. If she were only sharing those with us… What are your secret anti-blisters-from-your-new-shoes-tricks?

Find an amazing selection of slip-ons – from Vans to Jimmy Choo – in my favorite online stores Net-a-Porter, Asos, Topshop, and MyTheresa!


  • chucky1012

    Lovely ;-)

  • Helemaal waar!! Een dag op high heels is echt afzien..niet alleen de dag zelf maar de dag erna is het nog erger :( natuurlijk is het super mooi op die hoge hakken maar slip ons en sneakers hoeven je niet minder vrouwelijk te maken. Daarnaast is het een van de beste manieren om je eigen stijl in een look te brengen.
    I love it! Leuke post
    Liefs Chris

  • It’s actually refreshing to see! As flats become even more on trend this season & next I think we’ll see a lot more flats at fashion week.
    Hugs xoxo

  • Brigadeiro

    Breaking them in with my hairdryer trick: 2 minutes injecting hot air from a hairdryer from the inside of the shoe in the area that rubs or is ‘snug’, put some socks/sockettes on, and walk around the house while they’re warm. I broke in some Dieppa Restrepo shoes in less than an hour, when I had heard some girls say it took them months! YIKES!


    Brigadeiro’s Blog

    PS. Nowadays it’s all about flats and comfy shoes for me, even for Fashion Week…Thank goodness fashion has so many great offerings lately!

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  • mirjam

    I love heels and carry always some “Dr. Scholl foot support plasters” with me. They are great because of their transparency and the different sizes. I put them always in new shoes as kind of prevention. But honestly – flats are simply more comfy and I’m so thrilled to wear them this season (again)!
    bisou, mirjam

  • Ari Camacho
  • Pardon My Obsession

    I love heels too, yet those slipons look so cool and comfy ! The python pair especially :)

  • AMillionPinks

    I love my heels (I really do) but print slips-ons are a lot of fun

  • fashion altitude

    Yeah!! I am totally into the slip ons!! I love heels too but honestly ..unless you have a chauffeur, it is hard to wear high heeled shoes all day long. I have got a couple of pairs of slip ons by Vans in leather and they are so trendy and comfy:-). I receive compliments or I am asked where I bought them ..that is the icing on the cake! to wear flats, feel comfortable and be stylish!

  • Lucy

    big fan of this trend! xx