Beauty essentials | THEFASHIONGUITAR

I’ve ordered some of my favorite summer beauty products, so in case you always wondered what my daily beauty essentials are…

I like my hair beachy, but most of the sea salt sprays I’ve tried only made my hair heavy and quickly turn greasy. This Maui Wowie beach mist on the other hand does what it says and results definitely in wowy, light, and bouncy hair. Then, to make sure the dark cycles under my eyes are out-of-order, I use By Terry concealer. This concealer I got introduced to when I was in Paris last Fashion Week. This is another product that feels light, almost as if you are not wearing anything on your skin at all. A pink/orange blush by M.A.C. on the cheeks to get that fresh look, and some mascara from Chanel to make sure my eye lashes are all the way coloured and visible! In terms of nails, a good scrub, I even use this big body brush which lays in the shower to lightly scrub my hands, and cream it with Aesop hand creme. Lastly a dark nail color by Chanel to finish of with, because as much as I love bright nails, for myself I stick to deep and dark.

Philip B beach spray // Aromatherapy Essentials body brush // Aesop hand creme // By Terry concealer // M.A.C. blush // Chanel nail polish // Chanel mascara.

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