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So last weekend I was in Montauk with Dr. Jart, a skincare brand from Korea. Aside from the fact that I’m always into discovering new beauty brands, I cannot tell you how excited I was by the fact that I was going to the Hamptons. It’s like you haven’t been to New York until you’ve been to the Hamptons, right? And even after just one month in the city, I completely understand why New Yorkers pack their bags for the weekend and head to more breezy areas. I mean, as much as I love New York, I cannot ignore the fact that the heat and humidity are quite overwhelming…

Oh yes — I was talking about Dr. Jart — more on the Hamptons later! So this skincare company, founded by dermatologist Dr. SungJae Jung and entrepreneur JinWook Lee, believes in the true spirit of science. Their exploration continues to tackle new challenges in the field of skin care. Dr. Jart works closely with a group of 15 dermatologists from 15 different clinics. Each is at the forefront of dermatological research,  and all work privately with patients, as well as in collaboration with research universities. Their products focus on different skin “problems,” like redness, dry and sensitive skin, blackheads and pores, anti-aging, scars, and dark spots. And since we like to see a solution for every skin problem, Dr. Jart developed a wide range of products that takes care of pretty much all of them. I received a few of their products this weekend, and will give you a full report on my experiences as soon as I’ve tried them out.

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The Magic Garden at Rushmeyer's Electric Eel at Rushmeyer's Montauk Cabins at Rushmeyer's Montauk Dr. Jart skincare Breakfast buffet at Rushmeyer's Montauk Breakfast at Rushmeyer's Montauk In-room hammock at Rushmeyer's Mini-bar at Rushmeyer's

We camped — literally — in the recently renovated, cabin-inspired rooms at Ruschmeyer’s. A nautical, summer camp-inspired hotel originally built in 1952, it has been recently renovated to live up to the boutique standards we look for these days, but without losing its charm. The cabins are located around a central area (the “Magic Garden”) where picnic tables, hammocks, and regular yoga classes provide the ultimate feeling of leisure. All the way down from Manhattan, the team from The Smile is the culinary brains behind Ruschmeyer’s kitchen. People who’ve been to Ruschmeyer’s before all told me that the food has improved to the highest level since The Smile team began doing their magic. And yes, I agree fully — the food was just divine… At night the main garden turns into a cosy hangout, with a campfire, lanterns everywhere, music, and great vibes. Inside, at the Electric Eel, you’re taken further into the night via great dancing and fun, maritime-inspired cocktails.

They are okay with bringing kids along, but I personally wouldn’t bring James and Stella here. The lovely crowd has a great nighttime vibe, but this does come with some noise, too. It’s pleasant to fall asleep with for us — not that you would want to go to bed before the night ends, anyway — but not for kids. No shame in this of course, as not every place has to be suitable for kids — although, I must say that during the day, it would be really nice to hang out here with little ones.
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  • Sophia Charles

    Hamptons looks amazing! Are you going to try the Dr Jart BB cream? I would love to hear your review!



      Yes I will, tell you more soon!! Xx

  • must be amazing !! let’s enjoy it then :)


  • Honorata

    Such a cool place!


  • The slow pace

    That place looks fantastic! This stylish Summer camp thing is a trend, no? I saw something similar created but the Kate Spade team somewhere on the blogsphere…Super nice, anyway!

  • What a cool place to just get away from it all & as a yoga lover I’m sure it would be perfect! Look forward to hearing more on the skin are Charlotte.
    Hugs xoxo

  • It looks really great! And I love the pictures you took :)



      Thanks Neeltje! Xx

  • Luba

    Wonderful place, isn’t´ it? Korean women have beautiful skins, I am sure the products are great, but can´t wait to hear more about your experience with them!

    XO Luba

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    : Gorgeous LAMARTHE bag that adds style and glamour to your look



      I will tell you soon all about it!! Xx

  • Dominique
  • That place looks amazing! I have a friend going to the Hmaptons this summer, I will tell her to check it out :)


      You should, she will probably love it too!! Xx

  • Christina Langner

    Lovely pictures and I adore your Birckenstock look-a-likes, super cool and comfy!

    Much love xxx


  • Pardon My Obsession

    All your posts make me so jealous ! Would love to live in New York and discover the Hamptons !

    Anyway your stay in the Hamptons sounds amazing, and I would love to try the skincare brand products !


  • I love your Zara sandals, I just acquired them and I’m over the moon with them, they’re so comfy!


      They are the best, and for such a nice price. Best buy this sale!!

  • V.
  • Marie

    Nice to hear about the Ruschmeyer! I have been with boyfriend and baby girl to the Surf Lodge which is very nice as well. Not like a real hotel but food was amazing!!


      I like to go to Surf Lodge with the kids. Would you recommend it? Xx