celine sandals

celine sandals

That whole sale shopping strategy of no impulse buys, don’t buy things you liked in the beginning of the season, because they might not make it till the end, basically saying stay on the safe side… I get that, but what about those pieces you wouldn’t necessarily buy full price, because they are just a little too special/bizar/colorful/pricy/extreme/awkward, but now they are 60% off you simply can’t leave them behind, no matter what…

I have literally had these Celine sandals in my hands for about ten times. Nine times I though “noooo, I cannot pull these off” yet I walked away and felt pulled back to them… There is something about them. Most probably 99% of you don’t get me, but that 1% who agrees these sandals are really cool, agree with me for 100%.

Let’s say it was my best sales buy so far. How about you, did you score something really cool this sale?

Celine sandals // Whistles bermuda’s // Isabel Marant pour H&M tux blazer // Celine baby Audrey sunglasses.

Photos by Thomas

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  • Comment box was closed for some reason, but it’s open now!


    Sorry for my comment box being closed, I don’t know why this happend!! Anyway, it’s open again, so please tell me what you think for these Celine sandals!! Xx

  • I love them Charlotte, soooo quirky, they instantly draw the eye. If anyone can pull them off, you can Charlotte – love them with the bermudas.

    I scored a pair of Mango snakeskin pumps in the sale :)

    Hugs xoxo


      Thanks so much for supporting my off-route looks too!

  • Vanessa Simon

    Nice outfit, so cool!



      Thank you!!

  • Ivvy

    WOW – LOVE them, LOVE them… just WOW!!! they have that something for sure i agree with you


      COOL! Thanks!!

  • Yes I did! A H&M trench down to $15 from $50. Those shoes are really cool, I definitely can’t pull them off but you look awesome in them!


      Trench coats are great wardrobe staples, how amazing you got it for a small price!! Yeah, it’s a tricky pair of shoes, but I love them…

  • Wow I would never be able to pull those off!! But then again, they’re not exactly my style either.

    I’ve just started my own fashion, beauty, lifestyle blog so if anyone wants to check it out and maybe follow I would really appreciate it!!


      I know, they are hard to style, yet so amazing… In my opinion. Though I must say, I have a EU36, I am not sure how they look on a EU40, unless you are very tall ;)

  • Hana

      Thanks Hana!

  • Aah die sandalen zijn geweldig, heel gaaf!

  • I love them, you made the great choice, no doubt!

  • angel

    lol! I totally understand what you are saying. the more trendy stuff, I typically wait until a sale to pick them up. anyways. you are one of the few who CAN pull them off, so no fear! you look fabulous.