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Rather than weeping about leaving London we decided to make the most of our last day/night. Most of you know we not only moved houses, but we also moved to another city, in another country. We left London for New York, which is extremely exciting, but the move on its own, with two little kids, was extremely challenging. Talking past tense, because I’m writing this post from New York, where we finally settled in, while still on the hunt for our perfect home, preferably in The West Village. Yeah… we didn’t get the one we put an offer on last week.

So when all our belongings were boxed up, our home empty, a terribly sad feeling crept up on us. We knew we had an amazing time ahead of us, but at the same time we left so many amazing memories behind. Of course we were taking those memories with us, but London was life changing in so many ways – we had our two kids there, got married, made amazing new friends, lived in the best possible neighbourhood we could have wished for – you just can’t ignore the feelings that come with that… But anyway, with three suitcases, two travel bags, one backpack, one diaper bag, one Givenchy bag and ourself we left our beloved Notting Hill and made our way to the The London EDITION. Leaving with a bang!

And as much as I love traveling, staying at amazing hotels, and enjoying all the luxury that comes with that, it all changes when you have kids. Suddenly there is no time to take that hot bubble bath, enjoying room service is not an option either, nor drinking cocktails at the bar after dinner. So whenever I come across a hotel that has had this same thought, and actually worked around this, I die. I die of happiness. I feel so happy that someone out there got me, got that same feeling and did something with it – CLEVER! There we were, enjoying the Family Style special offer at The London EDITION. One master Loft Room for us, one ensuite kids room. Mini bar for us, mini bar full of organic drinks and snacks for the kids. Milk and cookies, a play tent, a beautiful STOKKE crib – I’m not kidding – travel books for James, mini hotel slippers, bath soap that don’t pinch the eyes… I couldn’t think of anything that was missing. Or actually, if I’m completely honest with you, there was one thing that could have made this stay 10/10: a bottle warmer and water boiler. Just for the simple reason that when you travel with babies and toddlers you use this equipment A LOT. Other than that, I can tell you – mommy’s, mommy’s to be, and some-day-to-be-mommys – it was absolutely perfect to stay here with kids.
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Oh and don’t hesitate making reservations at their popular restaurant Berners Tavern, they do a special kids menu, which is again not like I’ve ever seen one before. A menu that we as adults would love to eat from too; healthy, tasty, and just the right size!
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