Etro men’s shirt // H&M Trend pinstripe top (similar here) // H&M Trend trousers (similar here) // Nike Air Force 1.

See here look number two in my new series of 5DAYS5WAYS: The Boyfriend Shirt. But as much as I want to talk about the whole shirt thing, obviously I am slightly obsessed with this at the moment, I have another matter I need to discuss… Later…

Okay come on then, a little note on the boyfriend shirt, because it is my best find of 2014 so far. Let me take you back to Paris, February this year. A gorgeous Greek girl and a blond one from London shared a hotel room. Upon arrival my beautiful Evangelie asked me if I had a shirt with me, and I said ‘YES’. Hurray for some sort of stupid language barrier because when I opened up my suitcase and happily handed over my shirt, it turned out to be a t-shirt, and not a white SHIRT. There my Greek beauty almost died, as shirts – men’s shirts – are an absolute must. Early rise and leaving in a hurry made her forgot one, but normally she wouldn’t go anywhere without her men’s shirts. Borrowed from her husband preferably. Me on the other hand – until then – only wore Thomas’ shirts in the bedroom, but that was about to change. From that moment I promised myself to take that sexy morning look with me throughout the day and keep his shirt on every now and then…

Okay… there we go… as promised, my dilemma, my problem: MY HAIR. As much as I liked it when I went all platinum, as much as I dislike its current look. The feel is fine, it’s slightly dry, but I like that beach edge to it, so please don’t worry about that. Moroccan oils and a little bit of love, make us overcome those dry ends. No, what I am talking about is its total look, ON ME! I am so not happy when I look at myself on the photos. First I thought it’s just too much blond, I have to go back to a little depth and bring some low-lights to it. Then I thought it’s its length. I know you guys loved it when I cut my hair shorter, and some even say I have to go shorter – sorry never gonna happen – but I miss my long sexy hair! I sometimes even miss my ombre. The thought that ombre is still my thing even crossed my mind… What do you think? Shall I go back, shall I stay platinum? Or shall I add some colour… Low-lights, or maybe even a funky lavender. Gosh, much advice needed! Fire away guys!

Psst… Looking for more shirt inspiration? Check out my edit on Cash & Rocket blog today!

Photos by The Urban Spotter

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  • I liked your hair before to be honest. Platinum blonde is pretty cool, but I like you a lot with a more natural look. The length is perfect though!

    Mafalda ❤

  • lavieenliz

    the platinum looks awesome on you! love the bralet over the top!

  • superb !! love every single combo with trainers :) especially nike haha :)

  • Looks gorgeous! Love the combination!

  • Dominique
  • Paulina Villalpando

    I love the third photo!

  • Floor |

    I like the color! I do not think that it is the length also, but I really like hair that is a bit more edgy and messy. (Not really layers, but differences in lenghts) Lavender would suit you well though.. :-) Good luck making choices! x

  • Prachtige outfit! En ik denk als je je niet goed bij je haar van nu voelt gewoon lekker doen wat jij wel mooi vind! K vind iets donkerder blond prachtig <3

    Liefs Nora /

  • Adore the pinstripe bustier layered over the shirt. I’m a huge fan of a crisp white boyfriend shirt, it’s a wardrobe staple for me.

    I was really surprised you don’t love your hair anymore, I think it looks great on you, but also agree the lavender would look sooooo cool!

    Hugs xoxo

  • Eva

    Ten eerste je outfit. Ik vind je boyfriend shirt echt geweldig! Ik ben persoonlijk niet zo van de korte bustiers er overheen (lange dan weer wel) maar dat is een kwestie van smaak. Vind het persoonlijk wel heel gaaf met die broek er onder.

    Dan je haar. Ik vind je lengte eerlijk gezegd perfect. De kleur eigenlijk ook al snap ik misschien wel wat je bedoelt. Het maakt op sommige foto’s wat bleek, wat natuurlijk ook aan de belichting kan liggen. Je zou er misschien wat donkere warm blonde low-lights in zetten voor wat meer diepte en warmte. Aan de andere kant is dat wel weer een aanslag op je haar omdat het weer geblondeerd wordt en je al aangaf dat het wat aan de droge kan is. Een lastige keuze. In ieder geval heel veel succes met beslissen :) xx

  • Sweet Mona
  • chucky1012

    Great look this boyfriends shirt!
    I like your hair and coupe.

    Happy Friday

  • Evangelie

    Firstly, please don’t change your hair. You are the hottest babe in town.
    And secondly I miss all our beautiful yet sometimes stressing Paris-times:)))))))
    Miss youuuu but I have a feeling that I am gonna see you soooo soon, in another continent.

    • She is the hottest babe in town, isn’t she? ;)

  • The Wears

    The shirt looks so amazing layered under the bustier. Just perfect!! x

  • Ah this is gorgeous, love what you do with the shirt and top. Beautiful outfit!


  • V.

    Wow, nice combo, love it!


  • Deze vind ik nog leuker dan de vorige! En je haar, ik vond de vorige kleur je (iets) beter staan ;)

    xx Riëlle

  • Chantal En Charlize

    wow, die laatste foto, amazing pretty gewoon ! Pefection! Haar; iets korter was i.d.d leuk, maar ik prefereer natural….en geen platina….maar een keer een spoeling rood lijkt me ook wel gewaagd ( en na enkele wasbeurten gewoon weer lekker blond) !

  • Insa

    I loved your hair when you just cut it. I got so much inspired that I cut mine in the same way :-)
    But I would say that you moved away from how to wear it. On these picutres you have moved it out of your face (dont know how to discribe it in english).
    I could imagine that you like it more again when you move back to the Centre parting.
    I have the same Problem and this is what I found out for me as well :-)
    And colorwise: lavender Sounds cool :-) i like your edgy style a Lot. So i would not move to a more sophisticated blond.
    Looking forward to See what you will do!

  • less is more

    try some colour! you can go back to platinum everytime!

  • Elle

    I said it before and will say it now. Sorry but the platinum does not look good on you as much as the darker blonder with dark roots. I don’t know what it is but your face almost lost its expression. Go back to darker hair. Love…