Jacket Isabel Marant pour H&M (similar here) // Lace top Isabel Marant pour H&M (similar here) // Coated trousers Isabel Marant pour H&M (similar here) // Pumps Celine (similar here).

Slowly my life is settling down. The overwhelming first few weeks made space for more calm waters. Nights are – with a few exceptions every now and then – getting easier, and during the day I can finally manage to do other things than breastfeeding. Talking about breastfeeding, whenever I opened a book about it, I got slammed in the face by things such as ” of course you can’t wear black when you are breastfeeding, you will be covered in baby milk – and other things – all the time”, “drooling babies will ruin your clothes, so don’t bother dressing up”, and of course “having to take your breast out every three hours doesn’t make wearing anything fashionable very appealing”. Yet I refuse to live by those kind of clichés. Of course I have to keep it practical these early days, but this doesn’t keep me from embracing my old body again, and wear what I’ve been wanting to wear for such a long time…

Having that said, I wanted to say ‘hi’ to all of you, my dear readers who have given me an overwelming amount of sweet words since Stella was born. Via Instagram you’ve had a little insight in my past three/four weeks, but other than that I am obviously not back on the same blog pace I used to be. However, it’s not in my DNA to do ‘nothing’ – not that I don’t have enough on my hands already these days – so I will slowly start blogging again. I guess I just love doing it that much that I can’t resist doing it anyway… and why keeping yourself from the things you like?! Bless me, being with my babies and doing the work I love the most!



  • Mediamarmalade

    You look absolutely stunning in this outfit and you’d never tell you had a little baby a few weeks ago. The leather trousers are the item I seriously want from the new collection, I love them.

    I understand the blogging addiction, no matter how busy I get I have to blog :)

    Mel x



  • Anne

    Yaayy she’s back! En wat zie je er prachtig uit.
    Ik zou heel graag een paar stukken uit de collectie van Isabel Marant x H&M binnenslepen, maar ben een beetje bang dat ik dan met gebroken armen en benen de winkel uit strompel…


      It’s going to be a war zone I am afraid… But you can’t miss out on it either ;)

  • Welcome back! Ik heb je looks wel gemist de afgelopen weken! Ik ga donderdag voor de computer zitten om een paar items te scoren! Die jij nu aan hebt stonden (nog niet) op mijn wishlist maar ik vind ze toch wel erg leuk ;)

    xx Riëlle

  • Luba

    Welcome back , lovely ! Loving this IM look, you are lucky having all this pieces even before the official launch !

    XX Luba

    Look with basics + style
    tips today on

  • Ivvy

    You look adorable! Happy to see you back, is not only a daily fashion inspiration, but also a daily dose of extremely positive energy you send out! When having a bad day, go into the world of Thefashionguitar and suddenly things are much more brighter :-) Keep on rocking girl!

  • Yay! You’re back…en hoe meid! Damn, en inderdaad je zou echt niet zeggen dat je eigenlijk net paar weken geleden bent bevallen. Looking as a hot mama! Verder was me deze top van IM top mij helemaal niet opgevallen terwijl ie echt mooi is. Mayb toch maar een poging wagen. Good luck and love with your babies and man!

  • Amai hoe goed zie je er wel niet uit na enkele weken geleden te zijn bevallen! WOWZA!


    Nice outfit. Love the black coat.

  • Une petite Bruxelloise

    All the best for you and the baby, and keep up the amazing work!!!! xx

  • Welcome Back Charlotte, really missed your posts! And what a cracker of an outfit to start back with, the lace top is gorgeous & the pants really make the look edgy.

    Thanks for sharing some gorgeous instagrams of you & little Stella :)

    Happy Tuesday Charlotte xoxo

  • Q

    lovely!… that sweater is gorge!

  • Katerina

    Welcome back! All the best for you and you r family..
    I really like total black outfits like this one!

  • theROOM

    Welcome back C. I´m so happy to read you again… :)

  • Romalo’s blog

    Wellcome back! you look great! wish I had the opportunity to buy some of those pieces, no H&M with the Isabel Marant collection near…

  • Natali

    Fabulous blazer and pants!

  • maud.schellekens

    Cannot wait for the collection!

    XOXO Maud


  • Gabrielle

    You look fabulous! And I couldn’t agree more with you on the topic of wearing black and so on! After both my pregnancies I wanted to wear what I wore before, taking care of yourself is an essential part of being a good mother! xxx

  • Viktoria

    great look! love this collection!

  • Lieselot

    Good to have you back! And you’re looking damn fine! :-)

  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    Wauw, je ziet er echt geweldig uit en dat in zo’n korte tijd!

    Ik kijk er heel erg naar uit dat je weer vaker gaat bloggen, maar doe het wel rustig aan hoor!


  • You look great post baby. Love this all balck look, Tres chic! xo Hanneke

  • you look amazing x

  • Eva

    Welkom terug en wat fijn dat je weer een beetje nachtrust krijgt. Je ziet er waanzinnig uit, echt ongelooflijk hoe snel je weer in shape bent! De top staat je werkelijk prachtig! xx

  • nogmaals gefeliciteerd! fijn dat je weer wat rust hebt, al zie je er nog wel moe uit (sorry! en logisch natuurlijk). ik heb me over 2 dingen zitten te verbazen: 1. hoe plat je buik is (om het maar “plat” te zeggen) en 2. hoe snel je haar is gegroeid. vind de derde foto echt heel gaaf!

  • Negar

    You look absolutely stunning. Congrats with your little Stella and VERY happy to have you back xx

  • M.

    Prachtige outfit! En je ziet er heel gelukkig en stralend uit op deze foto’s!
    Nog een vraagje: weet jij heel misschien of de Europese maten voor de collectie van Isabel Marant for H&M de Franse of de Nederlandse maten zijn?

  • Honorata

    Great to see you again Charlotte, you look amazing, I don’t doubt you are a happy fulfilled woman:)


  • V.

    Perfect outfit!

  • Love this look and happy you are back again!

  • Holly von Bock

    Woohoo – welcome back! You look bloody fantastic! It would be a crime not to start blogging again, plus, you picked the perfect time – Isabel for H&M….it has you written all over it. Sod the nursing bras & embrace the black! (just maybe carry 10-20 muslin cloths with you at all times) xxxx

  • Joana leite

    In love with the top ♡

    wish you happy days with your baby ;)






  • lens & anything else

    I saw some pics on your IG, all of them just beautiful!
    You look great in these pics and I wish you all the best to your family :)!
    p.s.= love the name Stella!
    p.p.s.= great outfit… may I ask which size you took for the jacket? I’m usually between a 36 or 38 for h&m jackets and since I can’t go there personally on the 14th I was wondering how this wool blazer fits… large or small? Thanks!!


      The sizes run normal! XO

  • Heel leuk dat je terug bent en je ziet er in elk geval al goed uit ! Op de H&M website vond ik de blazer niet super, maar nu ik hem zo zie vind ik hem echt mooi

  • Piera Anastasia

    I love the top and the blazer, but the trousers are not so good!


    Piera Anastasia

  • Jennifer

    Fabulous sweater!

    xo Jennifer

  • Nika

    Ahh I absolutely love these CELINE pumps!!! Been eyeing them on Vestiaire Collective for under 290 bucks and you make me want to buy them this second! Lovely post and welcome back!! :)

  • The Fashion Loonatic

    You look great, enjoy these precious days! :)

  • Joy

    Mooie foto’s en wat zie je er goed uit!

    Mag ik vragen hoe de broek valt en welke maat jij hier aan hebt?


      Dankjewel! Ik draag een maat 34 in deze broek, hij valt iets ruim bij mij. XO

  • It’s good to see you back, and don’t listen to all that bullshit about being a mum. A few weeks after I had my twin baby girls (and a hundred pieces of foolish advice later) I decided to do things MY way, and it’s the best decision I ever took.
    You look incredibly gorgeous, in fact, you have never been so beautiful. I’m in awe of you pretty mama!

    Mafalda ❤

    • Dominica C

      you are so right !!

  • Vestiaire de Fille

    I love this look ! The lace top is so beautiful and the pant too !

    Kisses !

  • Floor |

    No, you did not just have a baby. You are looking amazing! Take your time, but welcome back! :-)

  • Floor |

    ps. What size blazer are you wearing? Love this piece.. :-)

  • Mel Watzke

    Good to see you back. I love your outfits Wish Stela is well! xoxo

  • Ahka Vintage
  • Ah, the dreadful clichés — good on your for ignoring them and being true to yourself and your instincts! Black is always the new black! And amen for doing what you love. Your baby is beautiful, enjoy these moments xx

  • amberdesmet

    Thanks for defying those stupid cliches, they make me so angry. You look amazing!

  • Dominica C

    I just can’t stand these people talking crap like this ! Of course you can look stylish, wear black or whatever colour you like to wear ! You are the living proof that, being a (new) mother, you don’t have to loose an inch of femininity and style. Not only are you a mom but also a wife, lover and individual. This is just why I love your blog so much. You share the normal things like lack of sleep but you stay true to yourself and the way you look.

    Keep up this fab blog !

    lots of love


  • Heel leuke post! Thanks for being you! Mocht ik moeder worden dan wil ik ook zo zijn, ik haat de praktische moeder look :)

    xoxo Iris


  • Esther

    love this! I did the whole crazy Isabel Marant mosh pit shopping
    experience. so worth it! Want to follow each other? Let me know on my blog
    where you’re following and I’ll follow right back! x

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  • Christina Sarkar

    Beautiful outfit choice and amazing personal style :) Love the entire outfit.

    Christina Sarkar

  • Lovely outfit, you look very beautiful in this wear. Your dressing seance is amazing, Thank for sharing this post.

    Roshni Patel

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  • Excellent outfit, you look pretty in this black combination suit. Thanks for share this with us.

  • Sweta Patel

    Hi ,

    Nice post you had shared with this post. Hows is your lil Stella now?
    Awaiting for your reply. Your Fashion style is awesome.

    Have a great time,

  • Really nice outfits, you are looking beautiful :)

  • praful dhorajiya

    Great to see you again Charlotte, you look amazing, I don’t doubt you are a happy fulfilled woman Wholesale saree in surat.

  • Looking just amazing in black. Your Killer look always kill me with love.

  • VarunaJithesh
  • Hi,
    Great look, you look very beautiful in this black outfit. Thanks for sharing this lovely pic with us.


  • ISABEL – You look beautiful in black this outfit, This is a perfectly black combination.