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16 October 2013 at 21.55 we welcomed little Stella into our world…

Last week it became very quiet around my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and of course my blog. Something you and me anticipated on for quite some time, but it still came as a surprise given the fact I was past my actual due date… and waiting…

At this moment we are enjoying some peace and quiet with our little family, whilst I am recovering from the birth and everything that comes with that… Lack of sleep, hormones all over the place, lots of tears and after-pains, but all bundled in a pink ribbon. Every time I look at her it makes it all worth it!

See you soon…



  • Sabre


  • Sjo – Bordeaux Bravoue

    Gefeliciteerd! Ze is prachtig en je hebt een mooie naam voor haar uitgezocht:)
    geniet van de tijd met je familie,


  • Ellen

    Ik had het al op Instagram gezegd, maar gefeliciteerd!!! X

  • Anna Lou

    Congratulations! Hope you are both doing very well.

    Anna Lou Xx

  • Camilla Ackley


    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • Antoinet – everydayCHIC

    Ik had je al via Instagram gefeliciteerd, maar alsnog: van harte! :)
    Geniet ervan samen.


  • mediamarmalade

    congratulations, she looks beautiful. I hope you and your family love having your new little addition :) xx

    Mel x

  • Gefeliciteerd! En wat een leuke naam :)

    xoxo Iris


  • Oh congratulations! Zo fijn nieuws :)

  • Aimelie

    Dit moet het beste gevoel ooit zijn om dat kleine roze babytje op te pakken. Geniet van je familie!

  • Jenn.

    Such a miracle, congratulations! <3

  • Q

    Congratulations!… she is beautiful!… thanks for sharing her with us.

  • Eva

    Wat een prachtig klein meisje! Gefeliciteerd ! Lekker van genieten! xx

  • Stel Style

    congratulations, she is so beautiful!!!

  • Melody

    Congratulations with your baby girl! Love the name! Xoxo

  • Lys

    Ooh, gefeliciteerd!

  • Proficiat!! x

  • Lieselot

    Oooh, enjoy it, we can wait! She looks super duper sweet! :-)

  • Jurga

    What a beauty! Congrats!

  • Sanya

    congratulations for your baby ! hope you are both doing well! she is so cute! bye

  • lyndesloovere

    Such a cute beautiful girl! Congrats to you & your family!
    So nice to see/hear pure intense love! :)
    Lots of love, happiness and health ! xx

  • wish you the best !!! looks as cute as mum :-)


  • Stephanie

    Congratulations! She looks so sweet, enjoy it!

  • Céline

    OMG she is so beautiful ! Congratulations ! And I love her name, precious little “étoile” :)

  • thechicndamned

    What a precious and darling little lady!

    x karen

  • bianca

    Congrats honey, she is gorgeous just like her mummy! xoxo

  • nica

    congratulations … love her name .. she is a little star already ..


  • Congratulations to you all & welcome to the world little Stella. Isn’t she just adorable!!!
    Missing my daily dose of FashionGuitar, but enjoy every moment of your time off
    Hugs, Adele xoxo

  • GB

    Congratulations! She’s absolutely beautiful!

  • Sybille

    So so sweet! Congratulations, I wish you and your little family all the best! Take your time to recover and to spend Time together.

  • Congratulations Charlotte, I’m so happy for you! And welcome to the world Stella!

    Mafalda ❤

  • Floor |

    Gefeliciteerd! Wat een mooi meisje. Geniet ervan met je familie de komende tijd!

  • How cute ! Congrats …

  • SixFeetFromTheEdge

    Ahhh zo fantastisch! Nogmaals gefeliciteerd voor jullie allen met dit grote geluk! :)


  • Mireille

    Zo bijzonder om je maanden lang zwanger op de foto te zien staan en dan dit mooie poppetje als resultaat te zien! Heel schattig, gefeliciteerd! Logisch dat je er even tussen uit bent met bloggen. Veel geluk!

    liefs Mireille

  • Ellen

    Wat een prachtig meisje! Van harte gefeliciteerd :) Hoe vindt James het om grote broer te zijn?

  • the_chelf

    congratulations! she is a beauty!

  • Prinii

    congratulations!!! It’s miracle time for You!!!

  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    Wat een mooie meid zeg!

    Veel geluk!

  • congrats! she looks gorgeous already x

  • Judith Huls

    Ze is prachtig! Geniet ervan! XO

  • Wat een mooi meisje. Heerlijk! Geniet er van, Gefeliciteerd!

  • Saab

    wat een schatje! gefeliciteerd jullie beiden en geniet ervan!!! xxx

  • Your little Stella is really beautiful! Enjoy the time you have together and good luck with your gorgeous little family
    See you soon!

  • Nuria U.C.

    Beautiful Stella , have a nice relaxing moments with your little baby ; )

  • Congratulations! She is beautiful, enjoy your time together. :)

  • Mary

    Congratulations she is pretty like her mother

  • The slow pace

    She is so lovely! Congratulations! I hope you all are doing fine! We’ll be waiting for you…

  • Vestiaire de Fille

    All my congratulations ! You have a beautiful baby and you have chosen a great first name ;-)

    Kisses for you and all your family !

  • Mel Watzke

    I missed those days and I immediately thought that her baby would be coming to the world. Congratulations to you beautiful and fashion mommy. Lots of health for your lovely Stella, his masterpiece. Wish she’d be very happy. Many kisses to both.

  • ann kim

    Congrats Charlotte on your beautiful girl!! xx

  • BouBaSa

    Congratulations and lots of happiness to you and your little princess is already beautiful

  • Viktoria


  • Jessica G.



  • Arancha

    Congratulations Charlotte. She is a beautiful baby! I wish you the best!

  • Gefeliciteerd! Geniet ervan & we zien je vast snel terug!

    xx Riëlle

  • Nogmaals gefeliciteerd! Wat een cutie.
    Geniet er lekker van en neem alle rust die je nodig hebt. :)


  • Wat een prachtig kindje! Gefeliciteerd:)

  • maud.schellekens

    Wow, congratulations! What a beauty!

    XOXO Maud


  • Congratulations!

  • Helena Mikala

    Congratulations! Little Stella is gorgeous xx
    Helena xx

  • kirin

    Congratulations! Stella is beautiful! Such wonderful news. Wishing you and your family the best!


  • Marie Hanna

    Congratulations.. And indeed it’s all worth.. Kisses to the beautiful bundle of joy! God bless your family.

  • Congratulations! She is beautiful!!

  • polliani

    she is a darling. hope you all are well. lots of love

  • Patricia1894

    Wonderful congratulations <3

  • Ella

    Congratulations on your little girl! What a gift, a wonder, and a joy.

  • sandrine jouss

    What a little beauty; she is so so cute…

    New on Taimemode:

    Jumper worn as a dress!


  • Valentina Siragusa

    Congratulation for your sweet little girl

  • Felicia


  • Ahka Vintage