With New York Fashion Week coming to an end, London Fashion Week knocks on our doors. This time it looks like it’s going to be slightly colder that last Spring/Summer London Fashion Week – even the one last February, when it

was miraculously sunny in London compared to the other Fashion capitals around Fashion Week – but that’s not going to spoil the fun. And fun it will be, because I have some amazing shows to attend – I say Burberry, Ostwald Helgason, Emilia Wickstead – which means bringing those shows to you! BUT before we go down that road, there are some preparations to do. The hardest part of it all… I mean, I can deal with blisters from the pain machines I will wear on my feet – though this time I will probably not go for heels anyway – and the shitty weather while having bare legs, but I seem not to get used to preparing for it all. It’s like there are so many things to do, there is always so little time, I never know where to start, and in the end it will turn out that all preparations were useless. STOP. Not all preparations will be useless; experience learned me that a few have turned out to be very useful – in any case – regardless of fashion week knocking on my door…


HAIR: I have a baby coming – Really? Yes in max 5 weeks, I am not doing the 2 weeks over due thing… like I have a say in that – so before I turn our house into a bunker, which we won’t leave for things other than food and water, I have to make sure my highlights are touched up, and my cut is perfect. That way I’ll make sure I don’t have to go to the hairdresser for at least three months. Shocker, I know – especially for Taylor and Matt, my colourist and stylist – but I am not ever in my life going to a hairdresser every 6 weeks. So first step in my Fashion Week/post-pregnancy preps is going to the hairdresser. For everyone asking about my cut and colour, I always go to Sassoon on Kings Road (in London, sorry international readers). It seems they completely ‘get’ what I mean with no-yellow-blond, and a midi-bob. I always come home happy, and never have that feeling that it will look better in two weeks.

NAILS: Personally I always look at someone’s hands. When I meet someone for the first time especially, but when it’s someone I’ve meet before, and especially when I know that person has well ‘groomed’ hands, I can look at it all the time. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than hands that are not taken care of… So the least I can do is making sure both hands and feet look pretty – for whenever a street style shot is taken, and again, for when I’ve had my baby, and I will have no time to do this anymore!


SHOES: well I guess this is just another ‘reason’ to feed my shoe-addiction. Helluw I need at least one new pair of statement shoes for Fashion Week, right?! No, without joking, I just see Fashion Week as an opportunity, a perfect moment, to invest in a nice pair of shoes. It’s the time that you invest in fall/winter staples anyway, so why not do it just before or during fashion week. Some might say you get inspired during Fashion Week, so buy them afterwards, but I like to set a trend, not only follow… Though I have two amazing pairs waiting to be shown off, I am still considering that Celine brogue with gold lace-cap… What do you think?

CAMERA: One thing that is going to be really important for me this time-round is shooting street style. I normally don’t really focus on that, but because I will be out of my normal blog-routine soon, and my brain in baby-modus, I will have to make sure I have stocked up on content. Obviously you won’t get outfit posts soon after I’ve given birth, but that doesn’t mean I can’t blog. After taken the rest and time I need, I am planning on feeding you – how funny does that sound, feeding you – with the best street style shots, taken by me. BUT, this needs a good lens… Big investment, but I’ve done my research, and there is a heavy mother beeeeeeeep coming my way.


Photos by me and Lisa Galesloot

FRIENDS: The most important and nicest thing during Fashion Week – in life, duh – are friends. Friends from around the world fly in to London to see the shows, and we see each other. It’s amazing to share the same passion, and in-between the hectic of it all, enjoy drinks and good food. I can’t wait to see them again, especially because I know it’s going to be long before I can travel their way!

So, when all the above boxes are ticked, I am ready. WHAT? Really? I hear you think. “But what are you going to wear? Isn’t that part of the preparations list?”. Uhm yes, officially it is, and I have done my preparations here – meaning that some look-ideas are hanging on my wardrobe– but I am not planning to act frigid about this. Let’s see how the weather’s really going to be, how I’ll really feel, and what level of inspiration is going to change my mind about my looks anyway.  Again, Fashion Week is there to get inspired, and I plan to be…