When I say “you shouldn’t be sad  for not winning a giveaway, and that there are (many) more to come” I mean it… So here you go: A new giveaway! This time three of you will be the happy winners of an iPhone 5 cover by Kenzo PARIS (one in red, one in blue, and one in grey), featuring the new ‘it-logo’ The EYE (it’s not only about the Tiger anymore guys).

This giveaway is now closed.  Winners will be sent an email shortly after  the closing of this giveaway.



  • Debora

    Great giveaway!!! Thank you for the opportunity, I cross my fingers :)

    Debora Ferri


  • chucky1012

    Great give a way! I’ll do everything to enter this great competition!

    Bl: chucky1012

    Twitter: chucky1012


    Pinterest: Homemadep[icturemania Sao Nonac

    Youtube: Homemadepicturemania Sao Nonac


    I wish you a great and sunny day…..


  • adela chloe

    Superb giveaway! I actually love the eye much more than the tiger :)

    Adela C. Mazankova

  • Lisa G.

    Done!! Excited about this giveaway!

  • Amy Arisse


  • Jou Vilaire

    Done!!! I need one of these! Crossing fingers!

  • Wat een onwijs gave giveaway! Ik heb het allemaal gedaan! :) x Laura

  • Manon Boutié

    Just participated !
    Thank you for these, I hope I win this time !

  • Gedaan! Dat roodje is prachtig! (@ineketack) x

  • Anna Chloe

    Done the two steps!
    Keep up your good work girl! :*

  • Amanda

    Amazing giveaway!! My iphone cover just died so I can use a new one ;-) and I was about to buy a Kenzo or Marc Jacobs cover! I just did the steps above! Love your style! xx

  • Nordahl

    Amazing giveaway! I have done everything to enter the competition. xxx

  • Lise Lotte

    Done! :-)

  • Fleetwoodmac

    Already following you on Bloglovin..posted the tweet! Excited!

  • Naomi Trumm

    I am following you on Bloglovin and have sent out the tweet – here is the URL:
    Thank you XO

  • Natalie

    I’ve done both – fingers & toes crossed!

  • Mariska Oldenburg

    Awesome! Ik doe mee:) Voldoe aan de eisen!

  • Ioana


  • Miranda

    I’m in!!! wat een superleuke giveaway! XXXX

  • Farnaz R

    Twitter: Farnaz Razavi

  • Laura Van De Woestyne

    Done ;)
    Twitter: LauraVDWoestyne

  • Lea

    I did it ! So excited.

  • My iPhone 5 is screaming pick me pick me!!!
    Twitter @intotheblonde

  • Sana

    Done! great giveaway – would LOVE the grey one ;)
    twitter @SF474

  • :'( have no twtitter !!!

  • MandySharon

    beide gedaan! twitter @mandysharon , lees je blog met plezier! :)

  • Oriane


  • The Provoker

    OMG charlotte, this is sooo nice! all DONE! I’ve always followed you too! And tweeted too! If I win I’d post about it on my blog (I have 14,700+ followers on instagram!) Btw, I’m hosting a giveaway too of a MAWI spiked sphere ring that retails
    for £295, I guarantee it’s a very provocative piece to own! And yes it’s
    INTERNATIONAL! Just follow on at least two or three then you can win
    this statement luxury piece! <3

    xx The Provoker


  • Laenna

    Did it! All eyes on me!

    Twitter: @Laenna

  • Denise

    Im obsessed! #want

  • Phonesavhane

    Done son excited!
    Twitter: phonesavhane

    • Phonesavhane


  • Alexandra

    Done! Fingers crossed

  • Natasa

    eye power! everything is done! great giveaway!:)


  • Francine Ylana

    Did it! I even posted it on FB

  • Izzy Ashton

    I’ve done it! Would really love this cover-its so gorge! By the way, you look amazing with your bump-properly stylish and amazing!

  • Camille

    DONE! Lovely cases! I really hope I win, I would feel so fashionable haha!


    All done! Love the cases! and adore you blog!

  • Jennifer

    I’ve been following you on bloglovin for a loooong time now (reader in the shadow I must say – I never really comment even though you are one of the bloggers I enjoy the outfits and spirit the most!!) Also tweeted the giveaway (username @jenniferheng) …let’s cross fingers now, ’cause I’m about to buy an Iphone 5 and it’s soon my birthday and I really crave one of those fabulous cases !!! Kisses to you and your future baby <3

  • lyndesloovere


    I am already following you for quite some time on Bloglovin (name : Lyn De Sloovere, blog : Blonde Butterflies) and I just tweeted (twittername : @lyndesloovere:disqus )

    I hope I win : I love iphone covers & I love Kenzo :D xx

    my e-mailadress :

  • Lotte

    I was following you allready :-) And my tweet has been tweeted!
    Fingers crossed because I’m in love with these covers!

    Love xx

  • lady bee

    Done !

  • Radmila

    all done! Bloglovin: Radmila, twitter @radmilamila,

  • youna

    Done ! I followed you on bloglovin a looong time ago anyway :)

  • alessandra

    i love this cover

  • Like! Ik volgde je natuurlijk al & ik heb het ook getweet!
    Fingers crossed!

    xx Riëlle

  • Angelique

    I completed both steps! By the way, thanks for the giveaway I think we all really appreciate the fact you’re actually giving something ‘back’ to your readers ;)
    now fingerscrossed Love, Angelique D

  • Parisa

    Done both steps;) can’t wait to be the winner this time;)

  • Emma Glass

    Done and done, my tweet is here
    Good luck all

  • Aurélie Jonckheere

    Done :)

  • styleezta
  • Celeste Yeung

    Done! :) Thanks Charlotte! X

  • Naina

    EYE have done the two steps (har har, mind the pun!)


  • Margo Blanche

    Dunzo! Ontzettend leuke winactie. Heb nog geen enkel hoesje voor mijn iPhone, dus een van Kenzo zou een goed (!!) begin zijn.


  • Done! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Наталья Воробьева

    I’ve done
    Thanks for giveaway

  • Pauline Lim

    Lovely cases! Thanks for this wondeerful giveaway! take care on your pregnancy!:)

    xx pauline

  • Olivia Karelina

    Done! Thanks for the giveaway :)!

  • Monica Missoni

    Both steps done! Fingers crossed! xx

  • Mariska O

    Ik doe mee!! Geweldige cases :) Ik voldoe aan de eisen

  • Sara Ruttenberg
  • Thi

    I’ve done both steps! :)

    If you need the links or user names of me, just tell me!

  • Ash

    Woohoo, a contest I’m not late on the mark for! I’ve done each step.


  • Laure

    I’m in!

  • Tilde


  • DavideLombardo
  • TeaRom

    All done :)

  • Carolina.Franceschin12

    Here I am:) You’re so kind. Thank you Charlotte!
    XO Carolina

  • Beaudine

    yes i did it! hope i win, absolutely love the case!

    and your blog ofcourse ;)


  • Laura Van De Woestyne

    Did it again :) was already following you on Bloglovin! Love Kenzo!

  • Arnold Teja

    Omg I have been searching for a nice cover, and this Kenzo eye cover is sooo perfect! Love it so much! My iPhone winking for that cover and hope your eyes pick me.

    Done all the rules!

    Fingers crossed!


  • avecjayj


  • Maya

    All Done!!!

  • Rowan

    Yes all done! :)

  • Marie-Claude

    All done! Love those phone cases :)


  • giorgia

    OMG! i love these three kenzo cover and i’d like to win one of these!!! :D
    i follow you on bloglovin and i Also tweeted the giveaway (my username is GiorgiaCarlini1 ) and i also follow you on instagram beacuse i really love your style!!:)
    so….Fingers crossed! :D
    kiss, Giorgia!

  • Giorgia Rossini

    Done! Looking forward to finding out the results :D

  • Lisa G.

    When was this giveaway closed? Xx