The fashion guitar

I am sure you have noticed my slight obsession with these leopard espadrilles from Celine… I made an edit about them (accompanies with lots of other espadrilles, to make it not too obvious how much I liked them), and I tried them on several times, but I wasn’t sure if I should spend such a big amount of money on… well they are still, you know, espadrilles. To make sure I was doing the right thing, I also tried the orange edition at Selfridges, and when I was in Stockholm, at Nathalie Schuterman, I tried a blue version (also awesome), but still I ended up thinking the leopards were just hitting the right spot. On many levels… So when I found my size the other day at Matches Fashion, I could only do one thing, close my eyes, slip my card through the machine, and smile.

In the photo you see my new Celine leopard ponyhair espadrilles, however, I’ve some great alternatives for you here, here, here, and here!