The fashion guitar

The fashion guitar

I know wearing fur is a sensitive topic. I know some of you would never forgive me if I would wear a real fur coat, and I know others won’t speak up cause they wear real fur too. I am absolutely against the cruelty going behind the fur industry, let me put that straight, but I can’t assure you that I will not ever in my life own a real fur coat… BUT until then, please don’t hate me, not for me stating the above, not for me secretly wanting a fur coat, cause in the end, I still don’t have one and I only wear faux fur, like this coat from Zara. An oldie, but a goodie. My boyfriend really had to get used to it, he found it more looking like a wet dog (he might had a point though), but now he is used to it and likes it, and wondered why I wasn’t wearing it more often (something he wonders with so many of my clothes and shoes)…

I am wearing my Zara faux fur coat (similar here and here) with a Comme Des Garcons breton t-shirt (similar here), Zara leather legging (similar here), Nike Free Run trainers (similar here and here), and an H&M hat.




  • PatriciaBrand

    Love this style!

  • Rielle

    Tjah, ik zou het zelf nooit dragen. De jas die je nu aanhebt vind ik erg mooi, dus ik zou sneller voor een faux dan voor een echte gaan.

    Xx Rielle

  • So cute!!

  • Camille

    Yes, comme des garçons is back!

  • SabFashionLab

    lovely coat & outfit!

  • Mancina

    lookin great! love the combo of the jacket with this shirt!

  • perfect with the leather trousers Charlotte!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • Wat een leuk jasje!!

  • twofortheshowblog

    I agree with you on the fur issue. I too can never say I will not own a real fur coat, so it is faux all the way in the meantime!

  • I do own a parka with real fur inside but I do feel really bad about it. I guess this will be my one and only fur purchase. But as we can see there are great faux fur alternatives such as your coat! :-)

  • Aniewear

    I actually wouldn’t mind wearing real fur, but often it doesn’t even look that great I think. so I would totally prefer your faux fur jacket that looks fabulous by the way <3

    X, Annie

  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    Ik vind het bont-issue ook altijd lastig. Ik bezit zelf een echte bontjas maar die is echt ontzettend oud en heb ik voor 50 euro over kunnen kopen.

    Dat hij vintage is maakt natuurlijk niet uit, maar toch voelt het ‘beter’ ofzo :p

  • Marly Wijvekate

    lekker bontje!

  • Courtois Valentine

    I own some real fur and I feel really bad about it. I think i’m going to change my mind ….

  • Jennifer

    Yes! perfect coat!

    xo Jennifer

  • Pauline Lim

    Owning faux fur is not that bad! Really loving this look Charlotte!

    xx pauline

  • Vestiaire de Fille

    The fur makes debate, whom we are for or against, it returns nobody insensible. In any case, you found the solution with your fake fur from Zara, the coat looks great, but we do not see the rest of the look, the photo not totally downloaded.

    Kisses !

    P.S : Sorry for my english…

  • I have the same feelings about fur. I like your faux fur cot, and now that you’re saying it, your bf might have a point:) But it’s beautiful anyway. Cool outfit! Love it.

  • oh boyfriends are all the same that way! i like your fur btw x

  • Love this look! xx

  • De jas is niet zo mijn ding (los van het fur-issue trouwens), maar de rest van de outfit vind ik wel super

    ik heb al veel mensen die hoed zien proberen bij h&m (waaronder mezelf),maar jij bent echt de eerste die er mee staat :)
    fashion in belgium

  • Eva

    Geweldige outfit en leuk ook met de pet/hoed! xx

  • A goodie indeed & heel leuk en easy gecombineerd!

    X Marjolein –

  • Dena Ts

    Gorgeous Charlotte! <3


  • Chael

    The hat is stunning. Love the classic cut!

  • I don’t endorse wearing real fur but I respect the decisions of others too, so do what you want to! But anyway your faux fur here coat is lovely!

  • Love that coat!! Definitely one of those oldies but goodies that will be a staple in your wardrobe always. Glad your boy got used to it… You look fabulous.


  • maud.schellekens

    Amazing fur you’re wearing!

    XOXO Maud


  • Victoria

    Hey….So how about wearing a Vintage Fur piece? I too wouldn’t buy a brand new fur coat, because I won’t support the fur trade. But I do own a vintage fur coat, which is amazing. Its kind of falling apart, but its so warm, so comfortable, so unique because it was made in the 1930’s – however, I do still wonder if I’m supporting the fur trade, or just loving a preloved piece which has gone to a good home. Also, if the fur you’re buying is a by-product, then is it so bad? (ie rabbit pie = rabbit fur) I’m a vegetarian (more for health reasons than eating animals) but if you eat meat, and the fur comes from an animal you would eat, then is that ok? Its a tricky debate! Nonetheless, this faux fur coat looks awesome on you….x