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Today I am wearing navy and black, one of my favourite color combinations. Also perfect in combination with green. And that combination with green I want to elaborate on a little bit, cause over the last months I got so many comments from people saying that they find it amazing how easy my green bag goes with so many looks. Like they had never expected it. Funny, because in fact when I saw this bag, I knew straight away that this was my color. As well as I would have had with this bag in Navy (you might agree with me on that color), or in red. I would never have gone for this bag in black. Not that I don’t like a PS11 in black, on the contrary, I would love to have it also in black. But when you have to make choices in terms of color with a designer bag, I would always (yes always) go for something other than black. I am sure most of you disagree, and you have all the right to do so. However, I find it boring to buy a bag in black, most of my clothes are already black, and everyone carries black bags. Not that you are boring if you buy/bought your designer bag in black. I mean, I understand the reasons behind that; it’s easy, it goes with everything, it works so well with the silver hardware, etc. etc. So please don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I find there is anything wrong with black bags, or buying a bag in black. For me however, it’s not a choice I would make. Why? Well I feel that when I spend so much money on a bag, it has to be special. Very special. And although a PS11 is already quite special on its own, one in navy, green, or burgundy is even more special! This is of course very personal, but the color is what I love most about my bag. Plus, since I have it, I haven’t seen anybody with a green PS11 mini classic. It makes it even more worth the price I’ve paid.

One more time to make sure I don’t offend anybody: The above is my personal opinion, and I don’t judge anyone on his choices, nor the bags they carry!

I am wearing my green PS11 (other cool colors here, here, or here), with a pinstripe trousers from Zara (similar here), H&M Trend padded jumper (similar here), white shirt by ACNE (similar here), leather biker jacket by Pauw (similar here and here), Zara heels (similar here), and Celine sunglasses.

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  • Elisa

    I love navy and black together, some people say it’s a huge fashion faux-pas, but I entirely disagree. It just works, as long as you combine the two colours in the right way.

    Elisa – Wandering Minds

  • Jennifer D.

    I’m a ‘black bag’ person and I don’t feel offended :) I think it definitely makes sense what you’re saying. It even convinced me to, in the future, maybe consider another colour than black :)

    The White Studio

  • LOVE this! Although I love any bag in black, I might add a different colour to my collection some time soon ;) Xx

  • EmerJa

    Simple but perfect!! Love it:)

  • Natali

    Fabulous bag and pants!

  • Christine

    Haha, zo’n lange uitleg over de kleur van je tas! ;D Ik heb er nooit zo over nagedacht, maar vind zwart gewoon altijd heel mooi. Maar in dit geval vind ik de groene PS11 zeker zo mooi en hij past idd echt bij alles.

    Hele leuke outfit, die broek staat jou zo goed! x

  • Cherise

    Ik ben het met je eens, zwart is wel safe. Maar als je een designertas koopt vind ik ook dat je hem in een andere kleur dan zwart moet doen omdat hij dan extra speciaal is! Super leuke outfit.
    De PS11 blijft mooi en vooral in donker groen! haha.


  • B.

    I somewhere agree with you but it depends on many factors. If you love black then why not?

    I love yours though, it goes so well with your outfit!

    Breathe Me

  • Ellen

    ik vind dit zo’n mooie tas, en vooral door de kleur!


  • brenda

    I love colors but cmon, black is an evergreen, buying a very expensive bag in black is trully an investment..

  • You do make a point there, but I guess people buy expensive bags in basic colours like black just to be sure they can maximise it by pairing it with as many outfits as possible. Both sides of the coin are valid!

  • Killer bag – Absolutely love it!

  • Anna Lou

    Lovely outfit! I totally agree with you – the green looks amazing against the navy and black. So far I’ve only bought designer bags in black, but I have just been thinking exactly what you’ve written, and I think my next one will definitely be a different colour!

    Check out my latest post on my new Isabel Marant Dicker boots:

    Anna Lou X

  • Rielle from

    Great look! I agree with you!

    xx Riëlle

  • Naina

    I feel the exact same way about designer bags (and designer goods in general). You can always get ‘basic’ things in basic colors for so much cheaper, but if you’re splurging out the dough for something, you might as well make it recognizable among the masses.

  • Melissa

    the blue and green are perfect together. x

  • Wauw heel erg mooi dit! Staat je goed

  • Chael

    Love the quite uncommon combination of green and blue!

  • Sharon___StyleChameleon

    Hele mooie outfit!


  • I can only agree! Love the way you combine the bag every time, and I really like your outfit :d


  • That bag does go wonderfully, I think it makes sense to invest in one perfect black bag, and then choose more exciting colors thereafter. That bag is absolutely gorgeous, and the colors here are so serene. Love this.

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  • Marly Wijvekate

    oeeh, love how you combined those sophisticated pants with the leather items!

    x marly

  • So chic! You look fabulous!

  • Eva

    Mooie outfit, blijf dat echt een hele gave broek vinden! xx

  • Carol

    love these suit pants ♥


  • You look absolutely gorgeous! I’m in loove with that bag! x Laura

  • Jennifer

    The green really does go well with the navy!

    xo Jennifer

  • Rowan

    Wederom prachtig, Charlotte! Je tas!



  • Kelly Anne

    I never considered that reasoning behind the colour choice when buying a bag…absolutely makes sense if you wear a lot of black so you’ve got me thinking more about my next bag purchase! Thanks! x

  • you are right: green & mustard are very special for bags and really complete an outfit!

  • Fijne broek!

    X Marjolein –

  • Catita

    your purse is gorgeous and the color too, I have a mix of black and coloured designer purses simply because Black is usually perfection but colours because I love lighter tones for the summer or some nice leopard! And if you ever think of making a career in politics, you would be awesome, your message was sort of contradicting it self more than once but totally politically correct! lol

  • Ellen

    I am thinking of buying the PS11 and have never actually seen it in real life. Can you please tell me if its a pain to open are there are lot of clasps, flaps, buckles etc? Any chance to could show us a demo of how it opens? Thanks.

    • cowgirl in the sand

      This size PS 11 mini cross body is much easier to use than it looks; it is a simple flap and a lot of the bells and whistles are more fashion than function, unlike my P. Lim Pashi bag which is a nightmare to open and close.

  • Bonnie Clyde

    I am the opposite, most of my clothes are colored, so i got the black ps11!! :) would love to have the green one too!! You look amazing!!

  • Dorothee

    I think your totally right about getting colored bags especially this one does go with every thing !

    Love your style :)

  • maud.schellekens

    That bag, I adore so much!

    Click on the link to view my new outfit post on


  • Honorata

    You’re completely right, it’s our personal choice but if I were to splurge on so expensive bag I’d lose my mind and hesitate which colour to choose!Your choice looks perfect!!!

  • twofortheshowblog

    I totally agree…if you spend that much money on an item, it needs to have wow factor!

  • cowgirl in the sand

    I have the exact same bag in a different color green called “emerald,” which is more in the teal or dark mint realm. I totally agree that if your wardrobe is mostly black, navy, white and grey, a pop of color in the form of a fantastically made and functional bag is well worth the investment.

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