The fashion guitar

The fashion guitar

It took a while before I found a good pair of dungarees, or better said, a pair that suits me. Because when you are not super-duper tall, it can be quite unflattering to wear dungarees. This one however is quite different from ‘normal’ dungarees (not that I don’t like the ‘normal’ version though): at the top there are no buttons, just black elastic, and the fabric is a little thinner, and therefore softer, than the think denim you see them in often. It feels so good to wear something comfortable, yet trendy. Give it a try yourself, very freeing!

The Dungarees are from ASOS, as well as the grey boyfriend t-shirt. The jacket is Maje (high-end similar here, low-budget similar here), and the white heels by Kurt Geiger. The little hearts necklaces is from Topshop.

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