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The fashion guitar

The fashion guitar

The fashion guitar

Past week I’ve seen girls wrapping Breton or checked shirts around their waist, love that! Hence I thought of an old trick: wearing a shirt as a skirt. Perfect for a checked shirt, like this one, that you don’t wear very often anyway, or when you are not comfortable with shirts around your jeans on a regular day. And let’s face it, everyone has at least one shirt (checked or not) in their wardrobe that is not worn as much as it should be. So step out of that box, take a weird trip (cause maybe you think I am totally weird wearing this shirt skirt thing), cause It’s easy, and perfect for this sunny Sunday when out for a coffee.

I am wearing a Zara shirt as a skirt with my new Penelope Chilvers slippers (in burgundy with skull here, or black with palm trees here) with a Zara Men’s knit (similar here), and H&M fedora (similar low budgethigh end). Lovely weekend!

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