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They are emerging around me… The Marant-girls. Girls who wear Marant from top to toe. Yesterday I read a blog about the confessions of a Marantaholic, and a girl who apologizes for the fact that she is again wearing only Isabel Marant. Today I am posting my second pair of Isabel Marant sneakers on my blog.
Yes, I have to admit that the Marant-virus has got me, and I, on my turn, give it to my friends and family (my mom just bought herself a pair of Dicker boots). Anyway, fact of the matter is that Mrs. Isabel Marant is doing a hell of a job. My wallet, and my boyfriend probably, think I am crazy, but you have to know that those sneakers are damn comfy, and 100% worth the money. I like to say it’s an investment ;)



  • Ik heb ze ook! Ben benieuwd naar jouw outfits :)

  • I love your new shoes. I also love IM sneakers – three pairs in my wardrobe, but when I look on yours I think I need more…:)

  • Amazing!! Love Marant too. Lucky you :)


  • Beautiful! I would love to own anything from Isabel Marant! I really, really, really love her ankle boots! Need to save some money :P hehe.


  • Wish I had pair of these! :)

  • Yep it has gotten to me as third pair of IM’s (in two months!) is on it’s way! And to tell you a little secret: none of them I paid the full price…how did I do it…well that is a blogpost in the near future…stay tuned ;)

    Enjoy them, and you already said it: they are super comfy! So good to run around with the stroller and later when your little one start to walk/run!


  • this is such a curious trend!!! i was in nyc a few weeks ago and i thought that i was going to see them everywhere, but i didn’t! i didn’t go to the marant store but i went to the big department stores and i had to look for them! one pair was standing in a corner at barneys with bad lightning! i was convinced to get me a pair (bad idea since they are european) but after seeing them, i didn’t! instead i went for the zanottis! i get your addiction, i think those sneakers are the fashion invention of the century! and they look gorgeous with almost everything

  • Totally agreed! can’t wait to see you carry her on the street:)

  • Congrats with this amazing pair of Bobbys! Definitely worth every single penny and a great investment piece for sure! Also thanks so much for the link to my blog. I feel truly honored! xx Kayin

  • Owww ja super aankoop :) xx

  • I bought my FIRST Isabel Marant top today – you have infected me with your Isabel Marant passion! xxx

  • Eva

    Zo geweldig! Hier word ik dus hebberig van :P

  • SG*

    Loveeeeee this sneakers.

  • Ik dacht even dat het babyschoentjes waren, ze leken zo klein hihi. Maar heel leuk zijn ze!

  • Zeker een investering!

  • I love those shoes!!

  • I think that the Marant sneakers are good investment. Well, it’s an on trend item but hey good fashion is never out of style! Just like when I decided to get the Gel clutch from Christopher Kane. I am busy building up my wardrobe with ‘investment pieces’. Wishful thinking “unlimited bank account”

  • Absolutely in love with marant’s designs! Waitting for mines in black! Good choice!!

  • I love the color of your new Bobbys! They’re like the perfect neutral. And yes, Isabel’s pieces are addicting but total investment pieces for sure. Looking forward to seeing you rocking your new kicks!


    The Habit

  • nora

    Ze zijn perfect.!

  • Love your new Bobby’s! Wish I head the wallet to be an isabel marant lover ;)


    • Yes, it’s kind of hard on your wallet, but saving helps me get my cravings ;)

  • That are really cool sneakers!


  • I love the Marant sneakers :D


  • Love the tan! They are so comfy I am refusing to take them off. Thanks for the mention :) x

    • You are welcome! I like that we share the obsession, and I loved your #marantaholic invention ;) I’ve used it lots already!

  • Love them, they’re awesome!

  • So pretty!

  • Deze zijn ook heel leuk!

    maar ben toch meer fan van je Willow sneakers ;)


  • Om heel eerlijk te zijn ben/was ik niet zo’n fan van de sneakers maar in deze kleur zijn ze cht geweldig!!

  • Ze zijn echt heel leuk! Moest in het begin erg wennen aan deze schoenen, maar vind ze nu echt onwijs leuk! Toch jammer dat ze zo prijzig zijn…

  • B.

    Hoe vaker ik ze zie hoe leuker ik ze vind en ze passen inderdaad bij veel meer outfits dan je op het eerste zicht zou verwachten, maar ze blijven toch wel een beetje duur
    new outfit post

  • I’m in desperate need of some IM sneakers, but my student budget doesn’t allow me :(
    Still saving!