The fashion guitar
The fashion guitar
The fashion guitar
The fashion guitar
The fashion guitar
The fashion guitar
The fashion guitarPhotos: Lisa Galesloot

When looking at my photos I think you notice that I am working with a different photographer, and I am sure you think you know her from somewhere… That’s true! Lisa works with Sabrina from AfterDRK, which is also how I got to know her. Cause let me tell you, when being away from my boyfriend, I am away from my usual photographer. So I needed a back-up plan for Amsterdam Fashion Week! Lisa did a really nice job don’t you think? Soon more…

Sweater: Zara
Trousers: Zara
Sneakers: Isabel Marant
Clutch: Christopher Kane
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Bracelets: Poshlocket & Club Manhattan
Lipstick: Max Factor

Now back to the shows…
I have too much to share from the past days at Amsterdam Fashion Week. Way too many amazing photos and videos (read my catwalk reviews here). I simply don’t know where to start! So, to give you the idea you were there too I decided to share with you my favourite part of my three favourite shows so far: The finales from INDIVIDUALS (AMFI), Bas Kosters, and Spijkers & Spijkers! I really hope you like them, and that you can feel the amazing vibe I felt with every show (though they are obviously totally different).