The fashion guitar

First of all I am SUPER happy with my new sunglasses, but let me tell you a story: I was completely in love with the Celine Audrey. I searched for it, which was quite a task since this edition was sold out as soon as it came in stores (very selected stores). I found it, which gave a rush of joy after all the searching, and I’ve tried it on, which was kind of the biggest disappointment ever! Why? Because it was WAY TOO BIG for me… Oh my god, what was I disappointed…
I totally love oversized sunglasses, but there is something as functionality as well, and when it feels like your sunglasses is going to drop on the floor any second (and you don’t want that to happen for that price) it’s a sign. So I left the last Celine Audrey available behind me, and saw a lady trying and buying it the second I did that… Anyway, when I saw this Prada I got a ‘Celine’ feeling, plus I loved the color of the frame and shades so much. Now the only thing I need is a little sunshine (sorry, I’m talking about the weather AGAIN!).