The fashion guitar
Sorry sorry sorry for 1. Keeping you waiting for a new post longer than usual 2. For posting only one photo of today’s look (or maybe you actually might like that) 3. For wearing my Isabel Marant sneakers AGAIN!
I hope you forgive me for the above, BUT if you are following me on Instagram (Thefashionguitar), Facebook, and/or Twitter you know I’ve shared some awesome photos during the day (James meeting his friend Ludovic, drinks with my bf, shopping at Joseph). So make sure you follow me at least via one of those media, and you will get a daily sneak peek into my life in London! Have a lovely eve loves.

Sunglasses: thanks to Johnny Loco
T-shirt: Zara
Shorts: Silvian Heach
Sneakers: Isabel Marant, get similar here
Bag: Alexander Wang
Bracelet beige: thanks to Poshlocket
Bracelet skull: thanks to
Bracelet silver: Club Manhattan