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The fashion guitar
The fashion guitar
The fashion guitar
The fashion guitar
Good morning on this lovely Boxing Day aka start of sales in London! Here a few quick shots of our Christmas Eve and Christmas day, which consisted mostly of food (e.g. home-made stuffed turkey by my boyfriend, very successful), sitting under our huge Christmas tree (almost our whole living room is invaded by this green creature), and presents… A cookbook from Jamie Oliver, new perfume from Valentino, a faux fur bedspread, and tea mugs from Le Crusset! So far an amazing Christmas, the last one before we have our own little family! Quite a bizzar idea still, but so exciting at the same time!
Today we hit the sales, not sure whether that’s a good plan (for many reasons), but we don’t want to miss out on it obviously. At the same time, today is the start of the last week of 2011… An amazing, turbulent, and fruitful year it was. Sadly it’s almost over, but I can’t wait for 2012, which promises to be an amazing one too! Hope you had a great Christmas so far, please share it with me!



  • ziet er allemaal heerlijk uit meid, geniet van het shoppen!

    Travel in Style

  • Merry Christmas babe

    kisses from Brussels


  • Happy Holidays Charlotte! Wat een zalig idee om te weten dat jullie volgend jaar met een kleine spruit onder de boom zitten ;) Best wishes, xo

  • merry christmas charlotte!!!

  • Gorgeous photos, your photography is just beautiful!

    I hope you had a merry Christmas.


  • Happy holidays Charlotte and gooood luck with the sales! In Germany all shops are still closed today so the Shopping will Start tomorrow. xo, Christina

  • great post! really digging your blog.

  • I believe that you have a very promising chef in your hour house…..
    Good luck with the sales…
    A big, big kiss for you,

  • Merry Christmas! Enjoy boxing day!

    btw. Your christmas dinner looks delicious! x

  • Locka nice!

  • Ziet er heerlijk uit! Hoop dat je wat leuks gescoord hebt maar dat zit vast goed :)

  • Valeria

    Merry Christmas! The food looks really yummy :)

  • Happy Holidays to you! Looks like you had a great time!


  • Looks like you had a lovely Christmas! Yeah, Sydney just had their Boxing Day sales yesterday and I am exhausted to say the least! Have a happy holiday!


  • The food looks so yummy!! Hope u had a great christmas celebration! Happy holiday! :)

    xx Devi

  • Yumyumyummm! That looks deliciousss!

    With love,

  • hey! your tree looks lovely with the decoration from Zara home :)
    I love that perfum from Valentino (you lucky girl) I also like the ad they made for it.
    My Christmas were ok, flied to Spain on Saturday and came back yesterday evening, did some online sales shopping too :)


  • I hope u had a fabulous Christmas day!!!!enjoy the rest of the Holidays sweetheart!!



  • Ik hoop dat jullie een heerlijke kerst samen hebben gehad!
    Toevallig heb ik dat boek van Jamie Oliver aan mijn broertje gegeven (stiekem ook een beetje voor mij) en de parfum van Valentino aan mijn moeder, hij ruikt heerlijk!