This jumpsuit is a success from the start: I found it for €12,50 at Zara (what a bargain), it was exactly my size (even with my little belly), I can ‘grow’ in it, and it’s with stars. I guess you get the first four reasons why it such a success piece, but I hear you think “why is the fact that it has stars so perfect”? Well, let me explain, the girl who took the photos, Margot, has a weak spot for stars! And then I mean, she loves them, she owns them, she wear them! So whenever I see something with stars, I am remind of her. This weekend, for the special Pink Ladies dinner (we didn’t see each other for months) I wanted to do something special… give her some stars in her eyes (and in return she gave me some great photos)! XO

Star jumpsuit: ZARA
Asymmetric heels: ZARA
Guitar necklace: H&M



  • The starfreak

    OMG you don’t only put stars, but also tears in my eyes!!!
    Sweet beautiful girl, you rock!! And love the post :-)


      LY! XO Charlotte

  • Cute! Love that on you! Love pieces with a special meaning and story! Great pics! Soon some together! Have a great start of the week and month :) XO Rebecca


      Yes we have to plan a date, time flies!! Thanks for your sweet comment, and have a good week at the office!! XO Charlotte

  • you look amazing, like shining! :)

    la tiquismiquis

  • Die jumpsuit staat je echt heeel erg leuk! Je ziet hierin eigenlijk amper dat je al een buikje hebt!:)

  • lovely outfit, I have a jacket with stars on it, now I need that jumpsuit too!

  • You look amazing in that jumpsuit! You are totally pulling it off. :)

  • I saw this star romper on another blog site. I’m in-love with it. It looks so cool.

    Miss Bias

  • stellar dress for stellar girl!!!

  • Nice jumpsuit!
    I’d totally wear it like that ♥

  • you look fabulous! great jumpsuit!


  • I really like your jumsuit! is so cute

    follow my blog! :)

  • i LOVE your shoes! want them so bad

  • Yay stars!! You look amazinngg, I love it when Zara has sales haha, always come out with hefty loads


      I know!! Zara sales is my favourite, always good prices for fab clothes! XO Charlotte

  • Just to say BEAUTIFUL! :)

  • what an amazing blog… full of sensational captures and stunning outfits…. :)
    im just amazed!!!

    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong</A


      Thanks so much!! Hope you will like it as much in the future too! XO Charlotte

  • Angela Donava

    Le combi est super chouette!!!!:)
    Angela Donava

  • Dit staat je zo mooi! Heerlijke jumpsuit! Ah tx! Mn gympies heb ik tijdens PFW gekocht babe! In de Giuseppe Zanotti winkel :) Paul Warmer had nog een maatje 38 in de sale staan volgens Debbie, 150 eu :) xx


      Thanks babe!! Ik zou ze echt graag kopen, maar heb 36/37… dus dat wordt een beetje moeilijk. Balen! XO Charlotte

  • Oh, you found that beauty at that price =O I’m amazed!
    I left it behind in the Zara store, thinking it was a little overpriced when it was new collection and never found it at the sales =(
    You’re very lucky! I enjoyed these pictures though, very versatile and pretty!
    Love, Liesbeth

  • Looks great on you and what a bargain. I’m a big fan of Zara but I didn’t spot that one. Love the blog, my first time here but will be following. Sue x

  • Love that jumpsuit! So cool!

  • Love this jumpsuit! Adorable! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, love yours!!


  • That is a fun beautiful jumpsuit, love that you wore heels with it

  • SOOO LOVELY! Please check out my blog when you get a chance!

    a fashion lawyer by day, fashion police by night…I play at red carpet events, shop all over town, and live life in the fab lane in LA!

  • I luv your shoes and jumpsuit! It’s perfect!
    –A hot chick’s guide to life!

  • What a great jumpsuit, you really look amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing your pregnant style evolve.

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