YAY, this is my first denim review for Denimology! I was so lucky te get this Rich & Skinny Jeans sample from The Raw Denim Bar. Do you know this brand Rich & Skinny Jeans? I didn’t before I got the sample, and I am very happy I got introduced, cause this soft pink short is perfect. We all know the Isabel Marant version, seen on many bloggers. However, I didn’t find the perfect (reasonable priced) one yet. I might give this one another try and buy it, cause it fits soooo good. It’s soft, stretchy, and super comfy. What do you think? Wanna read the full review, click here!

Knitwear: Zara
Shorts: Rich & Skinny via The Raw Denim Bar
Boots: Zara
Belt: H&M



  • Ooooooooh! Cute shorts!


      Def a cute, yet edgy shorts. Love it! XO

  • Love the shorts & sweater! & those boots are just gorgeous! Great styling :)

    Alicia Mi Mundo


      Thanks gorgeous! XO Charlotte

  • Love the Isabel Marant look! Going to get myself soft pink shorts this weekend :) Now I’m sure!! XO Raspberry & Rouge


      I did my best :) Love that you love it. Can’t wait to see your look this weekend! XO Charlotte

  • Hi darling!
    What a lovely blog you have here! Lots of good inspiration and great pictures! Keep up the good work, I really enjoy looking at your previous posts too!

    Wanna be followers? Let me know!
    Love from Stockholm xoxo


      I’m gonna check out your blog darling. And thanks for the compliment!! XO Charlotte

  • these shorts are amazing. i saw similar ones in zara, but yours are perfection! :)

    la tiquismiquis


      Yeah the color is much better than the Zara one ;) XO Charlotte


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  • that short looks so amazing!

  • The shorts are amazing. You look so beautiful!

  • oh these shorts are real cute
    i love the colour!!

  • FABULOUS, I love love love this outfit :) it’s gorgeous


  • wooow! great outfit! so Marant!!!!

    kisses darling!!!!

  • those shorts are fabulous! i love the whole outfit. you look great. really nice styling!

  • great outfit the shorts are adorable love them with that sweater!

  • So cute! I love the light colors… nice styling! =)

  • really cute shorts! i like these a little better than the lace up pink ones. more versatile and understated!

  • elf

    interesting outfit!thanks for sharing :)

  • WOow AND these pastel pink shorts (absolutely) do not fail to extol your (natural) “Vavavoooooom-ittude” on such a prettily girly way Here Dear !!! “Mischievous Sexyness in motion” . . .

    à Bientôt, Antoine

  • Those boots are amazing!

  • I really like your knitwear :) the shorts are okay, but pink is not really my color to be honest.

  • love them…i need to find me a pink pair for summer. i like that these aren’t SUPER short.