A bright outfit for a sunny day. Happy Friday!

Golden aviator: Ray-Ban / T-shirt: H&M / Orange maxi-skirt: Zara / Black sneakers: Vans / Bag: Mulberry / Bracelet: India


  • Skirt looks fabulous, love the color!

  • I do not like orange on me at all, acturally i think it is the colour
    I really am no fan of at all! But I have to admite I LoVe it on you!!
    Especially how you combined it, looks really special and compfy
    at the same time!!

  • This outfit is AMAZING. LOVE that orange skirt. wow.

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  • Erg mooie foto’s! Leuke outfit XX

  • J’ADORE your orange skirt!! *.*

  • Love love love this look! Gorgeous skirt! Orange suits you well!

  • I love that skirt! You look amazing :)

  • What a fantastic skirt! This is exactly the kind of outfit I could see myself wearing as well, love it. x

  • you’re looking fresh:D

  • OMG, I am deeply deeply jealous of your orange skirt!!!

  • You look beautiful girrrrl!


  • DOLL! That skirt is fab look at youuuu ^_^ U fierce’d it up with sneaks, kick ass :)


  • leuk dat je die rok draagt met vans eronder!!
    erg mooi :)

  • Wow. You are unfairly beautiful. Love the colour on the skirt. Actually, I love everything about this outfit, as all your outfits. Always something new and exciting. There’s something about the way you wear the clothes. Love it.

    Have a great weekend. Love from Norway
    Karoline Kalvo

  • Thanks for your usefull comment! I was also doubting about the socks;) I’m so in love with your AMAZING orange skirt! I’m really into orange this spring!

  • The skirt is so pretty, so as you! Maxi skirts are hard to pull off, but you totally rock it.:)

  • Your skirt is amazing, love the whole look!

  • V.

    BEAUTIFUL pics!
    Go on girlllllll :)


  • Love the orange maxi. Every piece in this outfit works perfectly together.

    xo L.

  • Gorgeous outfit!!!

  • He

    that dress is such a great color, you are so pretty! love the blog

    -He approves

    Fashion by He

  • Thank you so much! :) Have I a english reader? Or how did you find my blog?
    Happy weekend!

  • Hi!!
    Thank you so much for your comment! So sweet!
    Love your blog! Looks so pretty!!

  • Thank you very much! You make me very happy. I hope you continue reading, I will continue reading your blog anyway. Hugs!

  • such a pretty color orange!

  • Answr: I love it! :D You should get one:D

  • Oh Nice blog! Like it very much.

    nice outfit

  • Very Nice Blog!

  • omg Dear, what a beautifull orange maxi skirrt!
    wish i had this one!
    you look fab!

    i have a new post, maybe you can check?

    xxx mirjam

  • wonderful skirt! going to Zara today!


  • amazing skirt!

  • hey babe! you make me want to wear orange now :) you look soo cool in this outfit, i love it so much! if only the nearest Zara wasnt so far away from me… i hope you have a wonderful start to your weekend love! muuuah!

  • Thank you for your post ! Very nice your style ;)
    Happy weekend to you too !

  • Wahou I love you skirt and the colors !
    You different look are very nice :)

  • amazing my dear! you look so fresh and lovely

  • Aww, this is beautiful !
    I love it !

    Henar <3

  • Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love your personal style and orange maxi skirt! You look great. I’m now following you via bloglovin, hope you’ll follow back! =)


  • I absolutely love how you kept this bright and color outfit down-to-earth and simple. The maxi skirt is absolutely gorgeous :)

    Lubna | elle VOX

  • In love with your maxi skirt! beijosssss

  • Wow, wow WOW! This look is PERFECT! And you’ve mixed it with pink nails- even better! Love it :)

  • yes day are very nice, i like it to.

  • awesome outfit darling! I totally love your orange skirt xxxx

  • Lovely skirt, I really like the colour!!

  • I like your skirt so so much!!

  • Great skirt !!!

  • I love orange so beautiful now!

  • you look great on orange!!!! :) great outfit!!!



  • I love that skirt! I tried it on yesterday, the purple one, but I must say it looks better on you. Like you entire outfit :)

    And sorry about the delicious things on my blog, can’t promise you that it wont happen again! ;)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  • (I’m so sorry for my bad english…)
    I LOVE your skirt ! It looks like a big apricot :D You’re soooo pretty :)
    Kiiiiiss !

  • nastya

    nise blog i like it
    you can follow me

  • i LOVE this!! you look so good

  • Hi! I have just discovered your blog and I have to say that I really love your style!! That maxi skirt is great!
    I follow you via bloglovin and facebook!!

  • love this outfit <3

  • Love the look!!! congrats for your blog!!!

  • i love the maxi skirt!

    Travel In Style

  • your orange maxi skirt is gorgeous! so Jil Sander!

  • cute, reminds me of those wide leg jil sanders

  • awesome skirt!! ^^

  • I’m in love with the skirt!! The color is great and I love how you mixed it!

  • you


  • great!I love it ♥!!

  • you look bright and sunny :) i actually just got finished painting my nails a very similar color. “watermelon” by essie. it’s my first bright pink color!

  • Gosh! the skirt is the best of the week, Im really really loving it!

    See you :)

  • that maxi skirt is great, orange is such a spring color!

  • Una

    I really like your outfit! love the orange color on you skirt, it’s so lovely !!!

  • Arrghh!! That skirt is ABSOLUTELY FREAKING PERFECT!!
    So upset that I don’t have Zara here in Australia yet, but nevermind, because you look so good!


    Love your skirt, nails & bracelet! Great spring colors :)
    Twitter @theloudermouth
    Birthday Blog Event

  • I love your orange maxi dress and vans great style !

  • this outfit makes me seriously want to jump: the maxi skirt is totally rad.
    the finishing touch are definetely the vans underneath all the orange!
    lovelovelove it.


  • the light, the colour, the skirt, the simplicity but beautiful look and you!

  • fabulous skirt…love the orange color.

  • looks great on you girl xx

  • Great outfit! I’ve got the same skirt in green, but unfortunately the green colour bled on everything :-(

  • Lisa G

    Wow Char, AMAZING!!!!
    Ik wil het! Het plaatje klopt helemaal, I LOVE IT!
    xxxxxxxxx van je zusje

  • love it the skirt is amazing such a great color!

  • We love the bright orange skirt lady! Very vibrant and perfect for a summery day! Soon its summer and you can swap the black for even more colour!!! WOOOP!

  • In love with this orange skirt, its amazing . love ur style xx

  • Love this! Adorable!


  • i like your orange maxi skirt, i want!