Longchamp RTW AW16 The fashion guitar Charlotte Groeneveld

Living abroad has taken up a huge part of my life. And I’m confident to say that this part has been also one of the most important ones. I shaped me and made me the person I am today: a mother of two, and a young entrepreneur who runs her own brand. I’m proud for that, and thankful I had those many opportunities to enrich myself.

It all started in Singapore where I learned about working in a huge corporate financial institution – this was long before I started Beijing taught me about living in a culture that was completely opposite of “my own”, showed me it’s beauty, and enriched my lingual skills – which I unfortunately lost over time. London is where my babies were born, incl. and New York is the place I felt I belonged.

And with every country came favorite neighborhoods, like in London I adored Notthing Hill – the place we lived for three year – and the West Village was our home in New York. Funny enough, having such a “preferred hood” makes that I spent less time in all those other AMAZING places the city has to offer – and then I’m talking about New York in specific. Partly my personality is to blame, because I’m the type of person that sticks to what she loves… Until I was asked by Vogue and Longchamp to “explore” the ultimate urban jungle in The City: Central Park…

The idea behind this Urban Jungle tour was explained by this video a few days before I found myself taking a pedicab with two other lovely ladies through Central Park. My “element of nature” was Mineral – obviously – and this inspired me to wear a look in all different shades of blue. A color that I love deeply anyway.

So the styling-part was easily done, but I had no idea what to expect from a tour through the park. Fact was, I had only been to one of the spots they planned to take us. Of course, I’ve had a good amount of Central Park strolls, but I must admit, I did not come much further than the Central Park Zoo and the Sheep Meadow. Anyway, on that particular day during New York Fashion Week we hopped on a Pedicab and toured around Central Park’s highlights – Belvedere Castle, Turtle Pond, Bow bridge and so on. So with the three of us dressed up in Longchamp’s AW16 RTW collection we explored the elements of nature in the city and finished with a lovely mimosa lunch at The Boat House!

Longchamp RTW AW16 The fashion guitar Charlotte Groeneveld

Longchamp RTW AW16 The fashion guitar Charlotte Groeneveld

Longchamp RTW AW16 The fashion guitar Charlotte Groeneveld

Longchamp RTW AW16 The fashion guitar Charlotte Groeneveld

Longchamp RTW AW16 The fashion guitar Charlotte Groeneveld

Longchamp RTW AW16 The fashion guitar Charlotte Groeneveld
Longchamp RTW AW16 The fashion guitar Charlotte Groeneveld

Longchamp RTW AW16 The fashion guitar Charlotte Groeneveld

Thanks Team Vogue and Team Longchamp, always a pleasure spending the afternoon with you!

Longchamp AW16 RTW suede jacket and bag combined with my own clothes.

Photos by Jeff Thibodeau @JeffThibodeauco


  • I love your outfit! X

  • Natali

    Fabulous jacket and bag, suede perfection! You’re such an inspiration, woman of many “hats” and that always drives me to be as good and make my ideas and visions come true/ reach high as I’d like to.

  • SweetMona
  • Wat een mooie look en prachtige stoffen bijelkaar zo!

  • welovefur

    I really like your look in every detail. So simple so chic
    many kisses

  • Adore this whole look, all the different blue tones sit so well together. being whisked around Central Park must have been fun. Like you, I’ve done the touristy bits in a couple of my visits but the park is so vast I know I could return & have a completely new experience there. It was so nice to read a little bit more of your journey. Beijing must have been both exciting & daunting. Living abroad definitely shapes you – I lived & worked in France for a year & it was one of the best years of my life.
    Btw enjoying your Paris Snaps.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • The shades of blue are really gorgeous – they suit you so beautifully and I love that you incorporated it into your accessories too! I’ve never actually explored Central Park, but then again I haven’t spent that much time in NYC! I think maybe I should head on over to Hyde Park and explore there!

    Really lovely and this seems like it was a gorgeous day!


    • Kyle Peterson

      It’s so perfectly transitional! The blue is bright enough to be summery but dark enough to be a shade of fall!

      Kyle Peterson

  • Vero M

    Your blog is very interesting with great pictures and an impeccable style. Great choice of colors. The blue color is definitively a color for the blonds!

    I am a French fashion designer. I create and make clothing and fashion accessories (leather bags, jewelry). Only one of a kind creations. I would love to know what is your opinion about my work.
    Thanks for your attention.


  • Yolanda
  • This look works so good together!


  • I’ve been following you on your journey for years now and I’m so proud to have seen you grow your business and in your life as well! Keep on going Charlotte!

  • Amy D.W.

    Such a classy outfit! Loving it :)
    xo, Amy

  • Suzi

    Love the whole look! So cute

  • simona

    Wow fabulous shoes!!!
    xxx Simona

  • Looks slightly dreamy, I have been to NY once being a Londoner myself and I had to do the run around Central Park ( Friends lol)
    Beautiful city but felt very separated in areas. Congrats on managing to be a mum and an entrepreneur! #inspiring
    Max x

  • loving your outfit! perfect blue hues!

  • Marie Roberty

    Beautiful look !!