I’ve been called looking like a shaved cucumber wearing this dress… Yes! Really! I truly don’t understand why “people out there” can compare something so beautiful with a cucumber!?! Maybe it was me… I don’t know, but let’s be honest, you don’t have to be into fashion, nor loving-it-to-bits like I do, to understand the beauty of a piece like this. Anyway, haters will be haters, and fortunately it was only on The New York Time Fashion’s Instagram this trolling person acted out. Green of envy of course lol. That’s how I like to see it…

Other reports have shown that wearing no-mascara is it nowadays – me feeling so ahead of the pack to have not been wearing mascara since I discovered Chanel’s Illusion d’ombre Velvet eyeshadow which I refuse to finish off with mascara – because It just feels so much better without it. Though I must admit, a bit of mascara does “open” the eyes, which could have been useful looking back at these images I took with the amazing Alexandra Chalaud after the Valentino Haute Couture show in Paris last week.. But then again, it’s kind of dreamy to look tired, right..?














Valentino dress | Valentino bag | Gucci shoes.

Photos by Alexandra Chalaud (@AlexandthWaves)


  • This is the absolute dreamiest look, and a shaved cucumber is somehow the perfect visual. Stunning!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  • Wat een onwijs gave jurk!

  • Natali

    It’s your specific beauty, elegance and appreciation of designer which you’re wearing that gives a special touch and “effect” to every look that you present us on your blog. I’m so inspired!

    On the side note, yes I think that mascara does open up our eyes a bit more. So many times when I was tired or sleep deprived, there was nothing that would make me look more “presentable” or “alive” as a great concealer and mascara. :)

  • You look stunning! Such a lovely dress. X

  • you loook amazing!


  • fashion altitude

    This is the most beautiful and chic shaved cucumber I have ever beheld Charlotte! This is so ridiculous…You look dashing xxx

  • What an amazing dreamy dress.. I love the Chanel eyeshadow too.. Looks super pretty.

  • Oh well, just so clavis56 knows: this must be the most gorgeous and fancy cucumber I’ve ever seen. The dress looks stunning on you and I didn’t even notice you weren’t wearing mascara after reading the text. Looking gorgeous as always :) x

  • YourFashionAvenue – fashionblo

    Wauw! Really a beautiful dress and great photo’s. I’m in love! xxx Chantal

  • Aliki F

    This is an amazing dress and the comment was indeed super ridiculous, but don’t care about that anyway, beauty is totally subjective, the person in the comment might be dressed in stuff that you wouldn’t even get close to…politeness on the other hand is everything, noone should be attacking other online or offline….Anyways, looking gorgeous, I’m also on the no-mascara train, although I do add a light cat eye with a pencil to make my stare a bit more “lively”. I do agree though that with this light and in this city, looking a bit tired works well, like going back home from a crazy night out.

  • Tina – Styleappetite

    Oh seriously?! I mean come on – you are like the cutest and best-dressed cucumber I have ever seen!!! :D You look amazing in that dress, hope you still had a great day :)
    xxx Tina

  • Dylana

    The dress is stunning! Love the color!


  • Stunning Charlotte!

  • Stunning! Just beautiful the dress

  • Chantal En Charlize

    The dress looks really beautiful on you!
    But you look really sweet in this dress to!
    –> It is you who makes the dress shine, it is the dress who makes you look shining !!!
    I understand- really- why a person does not like this dress…it is a real eye-catcher…not fit for everybody ! Cucumber, well not positive, but i understand, really….. ( sorry), but only because this dress is not for everybody, like i already mentioned. For me, small and big hips…it will not be good on me…i guess…i does not have the opportunity to wear and fit this dress, but i don’t think this is ‘my dress’..

    But anyway… looks great on you, a queen, but, because of the pastel colour and the black lined ruffles it is also sweat girly.

    I love it on you Charlotte !
    It is a glamour life you live ( envy you, really )

    kiss kiss form our Holland !!

  • This HAS to be one of my favourite dresses on you Charlotte in all the years I’ve been following you. I love how you’ve styled it & your hair looks gorgeous. Your photos really show how the dress moves which in turns reveals even more beauty & craftsmanship.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • SweetMona

    Perfect dress, love it!!

  • perfect blog dear! dress is so pretty.

  • Pardon My Obsession

    Dress is incredible ! Nothing like a cucumber :)

  • Evolvette

    Oh how I love this dress! You wear it well! Keep shining.
    Sarah |

  • Cristina

    you look amazing on that dress. A very special dress not for everybody and of course not for envious people